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This week our Makeup Wars bloggers are showcasing one of their favorite brands. I chose Laura Mercier. Whether you are 16 or 60, Laura helps women enhance their features and look beautiful everyday. Laura isn’t into trends so the line is perfect for over 40 trying to look their best.

In 1996, Laura developed Laura Mercier Cosmetics to benefit women of all ages and skin types. She personally created the colors to satisfy the needs of her clients, based on a classic and always-current palette, rather than seasonal trends only.

I first experienced the “Laura’s Flawless Philosophy” about 15 years ago on a trip to Las Vegas. My ex-husband and I and another couple used to attend a trade show there every year.  One day my friend and I left the guys at the show while we did some power shopping. I don’t remember which department store we ended up in, but we both had makeover using Laura Mercier products. That was the first time I had ever heard of a face primer–what a difference! I ended up buying the primer, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, etc, etc, etc. as did my friend. For the first time ever, I had a flawless complexion.

2013-10-26 01.14.18 (480x360)

The Laura Mercier Flawless Philosophy consists of:

  1. Prime the Skin – Laura’s invention creates the perfect canvas for makeup application. There are six primers available for any skin type. Original, Radiance, Hydrating, Mineral, Oil-Free, SPF 30.
  2. Apply Foundation – Laura believes makeup should look as natural as possible which is why she created a wealth of foundations, tinted moisturizers and the new tinted moisturizer creme compact in several shades and finishes. Her Tinted Moisturizer has become iconic. It’s the one that gives excellent coverage yet feels light on the skin. It’s perfect for over 40 ladies–I ADORE it!
  3. Apply Concealer – Another iconic LM product, is her Secret Camouflague and Secret Concealer totally hides under eye circles, blemishes, discolorations, scars and imperfections.
  4. Set with Powder – Laura says powder is  the key to perfectly finished and long-lasting makeup. With no pigment, there’s never any caking or discoloration of makeup. I absolutely love the lightweight, sheer and silky texture. It melts into the skin and makes everything look air brushed!

This was VERY difficult to write, because I literally love all of Laura Mercier’s products and have tons and tons of favorites. However, if I were to write about all of them, we would be here a very looooong time, so I will just highlight a few.

The Laura Mercier Longwear Crème Eye Pencils and Kohl Eye Pencils and excellent. As you can see I own quite a few. Here are ones I’ve repurchased many times and are you will not find in any other brand.

Laura Mercier eye pencils

Brown Copper, Violet, Stone Grey, Black Gold, Black Turquoise

Here is a short review of a few shades.

Eyeshadow crayons made a big hit in 2012 and are still going strong. Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colours are superb. They have just the right amount of sheen, last forever and there is a gorgeous assortment of 18 colors! These are so easy to use–perfect for for a quick pretty look or when pressed for time. Read my review here.

2013-10-26 03.39.46 (480x360)


Sandglow, Rosegold, Grey PearlSandglow, Rosegold, Grey Pearl

A look at some of the more outstanding powder eyeshadows.

images (5)


Illuminating Eye Colour in Sun Glow, Fire Glow and Earth Glow. These have a a multi-dimensional, luminous pearl finish that glows on the eyes.


And the stunning Ballet Pink Baked Eyeshadow along with the Free Spirit Baked Eye Colour Palette, reviewed here. You can use these baked shadows wet or dry. Used dry and you get a sheer wash of color, wet really intensifies the color.

Laura Mercier Ballet Pink Baked Eyeshadow

2013-10-26 03.37.21 (480x295)


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Moving on to the the lips…

2013-10-26 01.24.09 (480x360) (2)

Laura Mercier Créme Smooth Lip Colour I love this creamy, pigmented formula. These glide on with a semi-lustrous finish that is very flattering and lasts! 35 gorgeous shades! Read my full review here.

Laura Mercier Cosmetics has some spectacular products that I use everyday. I’ve only touched on a very, very few. Her skincare and cosmetics are high performing, top-notch quality and absolutely PERFECT for the over 40 woman. Stay tuned, I’m going to be reviewing the holiday collection soon!

Let’s see what brands our other bloggers chose. I’m so curious I can’t wait!


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  1. I want those Caviar Eye Sticks! I have tried and loved several LM products but there are so many more I need to try.

  2. I swear by the Radiance primer. It gives the perfect glow.

  3. I never really got into LM, but after reading your post and other reviews I think I might have to get on the bandwagon! I can’t wait to see your holiday review!

  4. The Caviar Eye Sticks are one of my go-to eye products!

  5. Sun glow, Earth glow and Fire glow have a really nice, silky texture.

  6. Those eyeshadows look gorgeous on you! I discovered LM a few years ago and I am soooo in love with their foundation selection. So many shades to choose from and I love everything about their BB cream and powders.

  7. Beautiful choices. Because of you I bought some LM eyeshadows last year but I haven’t bought anything lately. I can’t wait to see their holiday collections.

  8. We picked the same brand but our favorites are very different (except the Illuminating Eye Shadows)! Love the things you chose, especially the Caviar Sticks! 😀

  9. Oooooh! I love Laura Mercier. One of my all-time favorite brands. I am a long-time fan of the tinted moisturizer and am in love with the silk creme foundation as well. Not to mention the fragrences and body products! An all-around fabulous brand!!!

  10. I NEED those eye sticks!! I love the swatches! Great pick!

  11. Your eyes look amazing! I need more LM in my life, to date I have really only tried the eyeshadow base and tinted moisturizer!

  12. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I love everything she does (and she wrote a terrific book a number of years ago, too!), including her fragrances and body care. MMM…And I can’t get enough of her lip gloss. I think I’m going to go spend some $$$ online….

  13. I have started using LM powder foundation & love it-
    nice & silky feeling & hides imperfections.


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