Makeup Wars Beauty Resolutions!

Drink More Water–thanks to Stur, (review here) I was doing better at this but slipped then off the wagon. So I’m going to get back on board. I have such an addiction to Diet Coke that getting enough water is a serious problem for me. I need to drink more water and I really want to kick the Coke habit–Diet Coke that is 🙂

Use It Up! –when I find a body scrub, body oil or lotion I especially like, I buy more. After taking a peek in my bathroom, I can honestly say I have 5 body scrubs in my shower right now and 4 boy oils in my cabinet. I seem to do this with styling products too. You already know I use a LOT of hair styling products so when some new volumizing product comes along, I have to try it. Currently I have 4 hairsprays, 5 root lifts and 7 volumizing mousse/sprays. I swear to finish each one before I try another.

Become Proficient at Applying False Lashes – I know, right?  What a pathetic excuse for a beauty blogger, I can’t even apply false lashes correctly! I tried over the holidays and ended up with the lash strip on my eye LID with white glue over everywhere!! Then, I tried to remove the glue with my oil-based makeup remover and ended up with little white balls all over. I also forgot to trim the lashes BEFORE gluing them on and then accidentally cut some of my REAL lashes!! I’m hopeless and would rather give up, but I’m afraid my beauty blogger card will be taken away if I don’t get this process down! I finally had my daughter do it for me, but she’s not going to be around so Please let me know your tips!

Wash My Makeup Brushes More Often – this is pretty sad and kind of disgusting, but the last time I washed my brushes was a month ago—ewwww! I need to get on a schedule to wash them once a week–maybe on a Saturday morning.

 Make A New Vision Board – I did this two years ago, but not last year.  Basically I got a foam core board, cut out pictures from magazines or used clip art from the computer and glued them on the board. I had a picture of car because I need a new one, pictures of Paris (on my bucket list), things to motivate me like exercise tips, inspirational phrases, etc. I also put a picture of New York City on my vision board because I have always wanted to go there. I hung my vision board by the desk so I could be reminded and inspired by it every day. Within 4 months of making the vision board, I was on my way to NYC courtesy of a company I was working with. It was a such a fabulous trip that I will never forget! This year I’ll be putting a picture of a house on my board since buying my own home is my main goal for 2014. Try making a vision or inspiration board, it’s fun and it’s works!!!

More Evergreen Posts – this year I going to add more “evergreen” posts. Evergreen means post that are not time sensitive such as tips, how-to’s, tutorials, etc. I’d really like to know your preference on this–do you prefer reviews or evergreen topics?

Work on My Photography Skills – this will include taking classes (online or classroom) and purchasing some equipment. I need master lighting–much easier said than done! I just really wish I had more time to devote to photography. I also need to purchase and learn Photoshop so my collages can be better.

Try Doing Video Posts–I’m am so behind in jumping on this bandwagon. Truthfully, it’s because I’m terrified!! I hate the way I look and sound on video. I think I sound like a Valley Girl and my nose looks like a large squash. I really, really need your votes on this. If you would like to see video posts, I will challenge myself to overcome my fear and get on it. If, however you don’t really care about video posts, then I won’t bother.

Wear Red Lips More Often – this was also a resolution last year and I did wear red lipstick—well mostly red glosses more often so I going to keep trying and maybe I will finally rid myself of my insecurity!

The rest of our bloggers have made resolutions as well, let’s see what their lists look like!

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  1. All of the above are awesome! I also want to take a photography class!

  2. Great list, especially wearing more RED LIPSTICK! I can totally support you on that one!

  3. This is a fabulous list! Reading all of the MUW posts on beauty resolutions has been totally inspiring!

  4. I am with you on some of these – photography lessons head the list. I can’t put on false eyelashes for the life of me and don’t even bother to try anymore but it’s a great resolution.

  5. You’re not alone – I can’t ever wear falsies despite owning two pairs. And the evergreen posts is such a good idea. I jumped on the video bandwagon recently but I’m scared of my wonky tooth and snub nose, so I’m keeping my mug out of it for now.

  6. I struggle with falsies too, you’re not alone!

  7. ReaderRita says:

    First, I love your blog! Second, and very emphatically, your nose is absolutely lovely! It IN NO WAY resembles a “large squash”, or anything of the sort- time to let that fear go. (Far away, hopefully…)
    Third, I love your idea about evergreen posts. Everyone is different, so I love to see what others are doing in hopes of improving my processes! It’s amazing how often I’ve been schooled (in a good way) with a tip that just never would have occurred to me in a million years. I love that.

  8. You have an impressive list of goals Cindy! Your vision board sounds very interesting! i used to do a similar thing in note-book style format. I struggle with false lashes, too. I just think that I don’t wear them enough to get consistent practice. I am with you on the “use it up” idea, too! I started doing that and it has helped. It “makes” me use up those products that have been sitting around forever.

  9. I can’t apply false lashes either! And I definitely need to wash my brushes more.

  10. I totally should have added water to mine! I want to make videos too but I am intimidated by the editing process a big and my lighting is terrible!

  11. I’m with you on the photography!! but it takes so much time to learn. Anyway, just wanted to ask you what the boy oil is for, lol. 😉 feel free to delete. I just had to rib ya.

  12. I could add all of yours to my list, except the water part, I have that down. I keep those little squeeze limes of juice in my fridge and add them to my water. Makes it easy to stay hydrated without sacrificing flavor.

    Learning how to apply false lashes would be major for me as I love wearing them. I just don’t know that I see it happening. My hands are steady enough.

  13. Well now! I thought I was the only beauty blogger that doesn’t know how to use falsies. I’m still terrified to even attempt to use them so I’ll cheer you on instead!

  14. Ditto the water. I didn’t think of Use It Up. I am adding that to my list! Can’t wait for your videos!