Makeup Wars $20 Challenge

This next battle of Makeup Wars is the $20 challenge. Each blogger participating only had $20 total to create a full face of makeup. We did not include taxes since they vary from state to state. 

Here’s what I purchased for $20

Foundation – Wet and Wild Shade Intuitive Blend  Adjusting Foundation & Primer reg. price $5.99 on sale for $$3.59.  I tried #175, Fair. This is a very thin, wet clear liquid with color “beads.”  This was a complete bust for me.There are very few beads and when they did pop I couldn’t see any color.  I got NO coverage. It honestly did nothing for my skin–my redness, uneven skin tone, age spots are highly visible.  My forehead doesn’t match the rest of my face. It’s awful don’t waste even $3.59 you may as well just skip foundation all together.

NYC Cover Stick in Light $1.99 – Another bust for me. The stick felt waxy–not nearly as creamy and pigmented as the concealers I typically use. It pretty much disappeared after a few hours. I will happily pay more–much more for a good concealer like Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer or It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye.

NYC Cheek Glow Blush in Hello Lover! $2.99 – Finally a nice surprise! Nicely pigmented, a good neutral pink shade with a touch of shimmer. The shimmer did not translate to my cheeks but I liked it anyway. The lasting power is not what you would expect from a $30 blush but decent–I got about 4 hours out of it.

Wet n’Wild ColorIcon Eye Shadow Palette reg. price $2.99 on sale for $1.79.  The Sweet As Candy trio  has an ivory shade for the brow bone, a shimmery pale pink for the eye lid and a light brown for the crease. The colors were not nearly as pigmented as what I’m used to but I will say they did last pretty much all day. The brown shade didn’t have much color payoff but the others worked fine. I did have to use quite a bit of shadow to get any color to show up so these small palettes won’t last very long but then you sure can afford to buy more!  I wasn’t able to use a lid primer (no money for one!) but if I had, I’m sure the pigment would have improved drastically.

NYC Brow Pencil in Taupe $.99 – Last time I checked the color taupe did not have any red in it. I hated this pencil!! It was super waxy, applied patchy and the color was waaay more red than taupe. You can see in the photos this shade does not match my brows at all! If I had to use this pencil everyday, I’d just shave my brows off.

Wet n’Wild ColorIcon  Shimmer Eye Pencil in Bronze  reg. price $.99, sale price $.59–not bad for $.59! Was it soft and creamy? No. Did it glide on without skipping? No. Did it smudge? No Did it fade? No, 5 hours in and it’s still there.  That said, I still prefer my higher end eyeliners for the texture and unique colors.

Maybelline One by One Volume Express Mascara reg. price $7.79 on sale for $3.89 – I liked the way the brush separated my lashes but I saw no added volume. The good news–no clumps or flaking. By the end of the night my lashes felt pretty crunchy too. For really bat-worthy lashes I still prefer It Cosmetics Hello Lashes! or Benefit They’re Real and am willing to pay more for them. The Maybelline will do in a pinch though.

NYC KissGloss in Murray Hill Melon $2.99 – this gloss has a very thick feeling to it that I don’t care for. On the up side, it’s very pigmented giving lots of glossy color.

My Grand Total was $18.82.  What did I learn? A full face of makeup can be done for under $20 but personally I would rather pay more and get products that work for ME.  I missed my primers! Face primer, eye primer, lip primer. I didn’t realize I used some many! I was pleased with half of what I purchased which leads me to believe that a full face of good makeup can be found if you look hard enough, use coupons and take advantage of sales.

No coverage–all my freckles/uneven tone shows!

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  1. I love the shadows on you! It probably doesn’t look the same as your normal stuff in person, but in the picture you still look great and pretty much the same as normal to me, which is a great thing with so many cheaper products.

  2. Ugh. Sounds like a lot of products didn’t work for you. I know the feeling. But you still look pretty…so that’s what’s important…right? 🙂 If anything the lip color is amazing on you!

  3. I looked for those NYC blush sticks since I’d heard good things but I didn’t find them anywhere. The ELF one I bought though is really quite good.

    • I couldn’t find them either! I really wanted them too, wonder if they’re discontinued?

  4. Too bad you were disappointed in so many of your choices. I think that they eye shadows rocked on you, even though like most inexpensive products you seemingly have to pile on so much to have it show up.

  5. I like the eyeshadow on you. I really need to get my hands on the WNW shadow. The gloss color is nice on you too!

  6. This was a challenge for me, too. I only bought 5 products and had only 1 real disappointment, which was the mascara. I think the eyeshadows are pretty, but when you’re used to a certain quality or pigmentation, it’s really hard to compromise. Even for a deal! 🙂

  7. gorgeousness!!! you did such a great job with this!

  8. The blush and the lipgloss look really nice on you Cindy! I agree, I would rather pay more for the face products especially (foundation and concealer). 🙂 Great post!!!

  9. I loved seeing what everyone came up with!

  10. I really enjoyed this post. Honestly, you look great. I love your freckles and think your eyes are beautiful. xo

  11. wow I can’t imagine only spending $20 on make-up maybe $40.


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