Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Blush Palette!


Press Sample


Have you heard about the Makeup Revolution? It’s not a true revolution with a leader and funny hats y’all, it’s the newest drugstore brand with super affordable prices!

One of their best sellers is the Golden Sugar Rose Gold Edition palette and building upon that success is the follow up Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Blush Palette ($10). Think of it as the 2.0 version or the original Rose Gold’s little sister. I happen too love anything rose gold: in my makeup, fashion and jewelry. Rose gold is not as “in your face” yellow gold and I find it flatters more skin tones.

The packaging is quite nice for drugstore–a slim, sleek black and gold compact with a full sized mirror–the lipsticks are housed in a pretty rose gold case.


I feel this palette is misnamed, it definitely has more highlighters than blush, or maybe blush toppers. Only two are what I would consider blushes and they are not nearly as pigmented as the shimmery shades so that is what makes me think some of the more shimmery shades may be designed to be blush toppers. I believe Golden Sugar 2 is warmer and more peachy than the original making it perfect for summer. The palette consists of four baked powder shades, two shimmery highlighters, and two matte powder blush/bronzer shades. There are no names to the shades so I will try to describe them for you.

Rose Sugar #2

First Row L to R:

  1. Matte light pink
  2. Shimmery peachy highlight
  3. Golden champagne highlight
  4. Matte mauve blush or could be a bronzer for some


Second Row L to R:
      5. Shimmery pale icy peach
      6. Shimmery rose pink highlight or blush
      7. Shimmery copper bronzer or highlight
      8. Light peach highlight/blush


What I really like about this palette is that you can mix,  match and layer all the colors to suit your preference and skin tone. #4 looks great with #6 as a topper, same with #1 topped with #2 or #5. The deepest shade, #7 is a gorge shimmery copper that looks stunning on blue eyes. See what I mean? Mix and match to your heart’s desire–you really can’t go wrong. I think that is what sets this palette apart–the myriad of combinations you can create. And talk about a multi-tasker! Use as blush, blush toppers, highlighter, bronzer, layer them and even use as eyeshadows. Boom!


Makeup Revolution also has five lipsticks in the Rose Gold Collection and….they are only 5 smackers! There is  Chauffeur, a fleshy nude (the one I have), Red Carpet, a true red, Diamond Life chocolate, and Girl’s Best Friend, a bright pink and Private Members Club, black.

These are remarkably creamy and pigmented for a $5 lipstick! Chauffeur is a true nude with a brownish undertone which isn’t all that flattering to my skin. I think it will work when I have a killer smokey eye but not for regular daytime use. However, this would be very pretty on others.

Bottom Line: if you’re looking for a budget friendly glow, check out the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Blush Palette!