Make Up For Ever Rock Forever Eye Shadow Palette
Rocked My World!

Been a long time since I rock and roooolled–been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time–oh yeah, oh yeah, Oh Oh Oh!  Light a candle for Led Zeppelin!  Although I’m waaaay past my rock n’ roll days, a rocker chick still lives inside me and I long to let her out once in awhile. The clever packaging and the well thought out mix of colors in the Make Up For Ever Rock For Ever Eye Shadow Palette make it ideal to achieve a rocker/smoky eye as well as soft rock/sweet rock look.  

Sadly, I don’t often attend a lot of bangin’ rock concerts anymore or fancy schmancy balls, or red carpet events so I have to make opportunities for smoky, dramatic looks in my small town.  For example, last weekend at the early morning Four-hour sale at a popular chain grocery store (hey, there are 10 of them!).  I was dressed to impress with my skinny jeans, black boots, my fake cashmere “waterfall wrap” and with the help of Make Up For Ever Rock Forever Eyeshadow Palette, rockin’ the smoky eye.  And impress I did! Those little girl scouts in their sweet brownie uniforms with their sashes proudly displaying their array of badges at the entrance to Buy Rite all rushed out to see the “fancy lady.” Or… er… maybe it was to sell their cookies, I’m not quite sure. Anyway I, of course felt obliged to buy a box or six of Samoa’s. I digress.

The Make Up For Ever Rock Forever Eye Shadow Palette is so helpful, they give you step-by-step instructions to create both a ‘Smoky Rock’ and a ‘Sweet Rock’ look on the back of the box. 

The palette consists of:

  • #07 White Shimmer
  • #82 Silver Iridescent
  • #306 Diamond Beige
  • #307 Diamond Black

Since I pretty much have the Smoky Rock look down, I decided to try the Sweet Rock look this time. I deviated slightly from the instructions, cuz’ ya know I’m just a rebel like that.  I used White Shimmer under the brow bone, Diamond Beige (really a peachy tan) on the lid, Silver Iridescent in the crease, and Black Diamond just at the outer corner and to line upper lashes. Since I was going for a softer smoky look (don’t want to scare those Brownies), I didn’t line my lower lashes or waterline. The result is a pretty and defined eye appropriate for everyday and work too. Amp it up and your rockin’ like hurricane!


I’m loving this palette more than Joe Elliott and Def Leppard. The only eye shadow that has glitter is Black Diamond–however, when applied it does not read as glitter but more shimmery. All the other shades are shimmery and there is no fallout which is always a deal breaker for me.

Packaging: cute studded edgy palette with a full mirror

Quality: these shadows are smooth, creamy, very pigmented and blend easily. The shadows last all day and there is no fallout with black diamond.

Value: $45 for a palette with 4 full size shadows–makes each 0.08 oz. shadow  $11.25–cheaper than MAC! 

Best For: with the addition of the Diamond Beige shade, it will suit both warm and cool toned ladies. The best smoky eye palette I’ve seen in a very long time. The shimmery shades are lovely–White Shimmer is an excellent eye brightener, Black Diamond is wonderful for added pizazz.

Prime Beauty Grade: A+  The quality, price, awesome packaging and addition of step-by-step instructions make this a must-have for smoky or sweet eyes. I wonder if they give merit badges for a smoky eye?