Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner Liquid Eyeliner + Tips!

“Go Big or Go Home.” When I hear this phrase I’m reminded of the Make Up For Ever brand. They are artistic, creative, innovative, and the sheer breath of the product line is astounding. So, when Make Up For Ever  introduced a new addition to the Aqua product line, Aqua Liner, they went BIG–15 vibrant shades and three finishes BIG.

The inspiration for Aqua Liner came from the challenge to create bold show-stopping makeup looks that wouldn’t melt or fade while on the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami where Make Up For Ever was an official makeup sponsor. Aqua Liner had to perform under hot lights, in water and in the humid Miami climate. Make Up For Ever was the official makeup sponsor of putting artists to work at the top 2011 swimwear shows testing Aqua Liner on models backstage. These bold, ultra pigmented 100% waterproof liners are guaranteed to last through intense weather, tears and sweat. 

The brush is short and tapered to a fine foam point allowing for a precise line when the tip is used or a wider line when turned on its side. This brush is seriously (Oprah voice) AWWWWWESOOOOOOME!! Try as I might through the years, I have never mastered winged liner–until now. The only other liner brush I can use is the one from Smashbox Soft Effects Powder Eyeliner–but that brush is fatter and the eyeliner only comes in four colors. The consistency is pretty thin–almost watery but it dries quickly and then it is smudge, budge and bulletproof!

There are 15 vivid colors and three finishes; matte, iridecsent and diamond–

  • #1 – Diamond Gold

  • #3 – Iridescent Emerald Green

  • #4 – Diamond Lagoon Green

  • #5 – Diamond Turquoise Blue

  • #6 – Iridescent Navy Blue

  • #7 – Diamond Black Purple

  • #8 – Iridescent Electric Purple

  • #9 – Iridescent Fuchsia

  • #10 – Iridescent Red

  • #11 – Diamond Burgundy

  • #12 – Mat Mocha

  • #13 – Mat Black

  • #14 – Diamond Multicolor Black

  • #15 – Iridescent Anthracite

  • #16 – Diamond White

I tried #6 Iridescent Navy Blue, #7 Diamond Black Purple and #15 Iridescent Anthracite–all gorgeous.

#6 Iridescent Navy Blue

#6 Iridescent Navy Blue

#7 Diamond Black Purple

#7 Diamond Black Purple

100% waterproof formula, intensely pigmented, an applicator that even a klutz like me can work, long lasting and 15 dazzling colors and three finishes–now that’s BIG!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liners retail for $23 and are available at, MAKE UP FOR EVER Boutique & Studio at Sephora. 

Prime Beauty Grade: A + and a Beauty All Star!

 MAKE UP FOR EVER National Educator Jessie Powers shares four easy steps for achieving a precisely lined eye.

1. Draw a thin line of liquid liner centered on the upper lash line directly above the pupil.

2. To create the liner “tail”, choose the end point of your tail slightly above and outside the natural lash line. Then, with your eyes open and focused forward, draw a line from the tail’s end point down toward the outer corner of the lash line.

3. Next, with the eyes open and focused forward, draw a line from the end of the tail connecting it to the liner on the center of the upper lash line. Continue these strokes until the tail is completely filled in.

4. Finally, draw a liner from the inner corner of the upper lash line to the middle of the upper lash line, connecting the two sections.