Mad Men Collection for Estee Lauder

OMG, the TV series Mad Men is coming back Sunday, March 25th!  I literally swoon when I see Don Draper,  I love me some bad boy Don! I was only a kid in the 60’s but my much older sister (sorry sissy) was a bit of a fashion icon to me. She had platinum honey colored hair, most often worn in a ‘Peggy Olson’ flip but sometimes in a elegant chignon a la ‘Joan Harris.’  She had very stylish clothes and had a job while I had braids and buck teeth so you can imagine why I thought she was so chic. Plus, she always brought me back a gift when she traveled. She even brought me back gifts from her honeymoon! I was sooo proud of those wool Scandinavian gloves and hat I kept them forever! And, she always sported the latest makeup trends as well. I tend to remember the white frosty lips most but there were plenty of heavy cat-eye eyeliner going on too.

Doesn’t she look like a prettier Betty Draper? I love you sissy! Estee Lauder introduces the limited edition Mad Men Collection.

In an exclusive partnership with the Emmy® and Golden Globe® award-winning AMC drama Mad Men®, Estée Lauder will introduce two limited edition makeup collections. The first Estée Lauder Mad Men® Collection will debut in March 2012, timed with the premiere of Season Five, and the second collection will launch with Season Six in 2013.

Mad Men Collection Limited Edition Lipstick ($25) in Cherry

Mad Men Limited Edition Collection Creme Rouge ($40) in Evening Rose


Photo of Don Draper: tmagazine

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  1. That looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Your sis is def gorge!

  3. This collection looks interesting! Your sis is gorgeous! I love the style of those times!