LORAC LA Experience Eye and Cheek Palettes: Santa Monica and Venice Beach

Purchased by me


LORAC recently launched five eye and cheek palettes to celebrate California girls and the spirit and beauty of various Los Angeles beach towns and landscapes. The five LA Experience palettes are:

  • Malibu free spirit
  • Venice Beach boho
  • DTLA (Downtown LA) urban artist
  • Santa Monica ocean chic
  • Beverly Hills sophisticate

They retail for $24 each and contain four eyeshadows and 2 blushes/highlighters. The palettes are small and compact making them perfect for travel.

California girls are more than unforgettable—they’re carefree chameleons, effortless style setters, and as diverse as Los Angeles landscapes. From shades that celebrate the glamour of Beverly Hills to hues that highlight Downtown L.A.’s burgeoning creative scene, Your L.A. Experience palettes bring the magic of L.A. to every woman.

On my last trip to Ulta, I couldn’t resist these cuties but did limit myself to only two. Santa Monica Ocean Chic is my jam with soft neutral shades.

  • Eyeshadow in Farmers Market (matte warm cream)
  • Eyeshadow in Promenade (shimmer nude beige)
  • Eyeshadow in Bungalow (matte mauve taupe)
  • Eyeshadow in Twilight Tide (shimmer blue silver)
  • Blush in Silicon Beach (shimmer pale peony)
  • Blush in Sunset Yoga (matte peach)

The peach shades are perfect for an easy breezy look but I like the Twilight Tide, the gunmetal shade the best. My skin tone tends to turn grays and silvers into blue, but Twilight Tide stays true on me. For me, this is where the ‘ocean chic’ comes in. Farmers Market applies like buttah and Bungalow looks beautiful in the crease as well as on the lid. Everything in this palette has a creamy, buttery texture and the rich pigmentation that the LORAC Unzipped palettes are famous for. LORAC can be hit or miss especially with their palettes so I am so pleased the LA Experience palettes live up to the quality of the iconic Unzipped collection.

Sunset Yoga is a very pretty matte peach blush that can be worn alone or topped with Silicon Beach highlighter.

The LA Experience palettes are housed in slim cardboard squares each with a different design. Santa Monica has a pale blue background with bronze foil lettering and a white Ferris wheel as an overlay. That Ferris wheel is quintessential Santa Monica, I’ve ridden it several times so it’s fun to see it on the cover.

Here I have Farmers Market on the brow bone, Twilight Tide on the lid and Bungalow in the crease. I used Urban Decay Zero on the upper lash line and butterLONDON Earl Grey on the lower lash line.

I just love the effortlessly chic look I get from the Santa Monica palette!

Grab your flip flops and sunnies and hop on your skateboard because we’re going to Venice Beach! This palette has rich, port wine hues reminiscent of a Venice Beach sunset. These shades are a bit out of my comfort zone and that’s why I love it so much–I need a push shove every once in a while.

  • Eyeshadow in Freckles (shimmer gingered copper)
  • Eyeshadow in Canal (shimmer deep plum)
  • Eyeshadow in Boho Beauty (shimmer spiced cream)
  • Eyeshadow in Chill Vibes: (shimmer vintage bronze)
  • Blush in Boardwalk (shimmer light pink)
  • Blush in Aviators (shimmer blushed gold)

All of these shades are highly pigmented! The icy pink highlighter Boardwalk is simply gorgeous and perfect for my pale skin. Aviators would look gorgeous on darker skin tones, but for me, I will use it as an eyeshadow. Freckles and Canal are beautiful deep shades that really pop.

The background for the Venice Beach palette is pink with a silhouette of sunglasses on the front. The sunglasses have words inside that apply to Venice Beach: boardwalk, sunlit, surf, sand, street art, cafe, rollerblades, etc. Super cute.

For this look, I used Boardwalk on the brow bone, Boho Beauty on the lid, Freckles in the crease and Canal on upper and lower lash line.

Venice Beach has the bold colors you see along the beach front!

If deeper shades are more your style, you might light DTLA or Beverly Hills. Make no mistake though, you need to check the LORAC LA Experience palettes out!

Bottom Line: The palettes I tried are simply fabulous! The quality is superb, the packaging fun and cute, the shades work well together and the price is great. What more could you ask for? I’m thinking I need a few more!

  • Robin Rue

    I really like the Boardwalk shade! I think this sounds like a really nice line of makeup!

  • marciaf

    I don’t know which I like better since both are beautiful. I worry with Lorac but this pigmentation is fabulous.

    • I know that LORAC can be hit or miss but these two are definitely a HIT!

  • redheadmomblog

    That is so awesome that you went to LA for a Lorac event! I don’t have many Lorac palettes, but they look pretty.

  • Beth Davidson

    I like those colors. They all seem pretty tame, and I’m not a bold makeup person so that works for me.

    • I’m not much for bold colors either that’s why I picked these two.

  • Phyrra Nyx

    These colors work well for you!

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Oh my, I don’t want to look too long because I’ll want both of these pretty palettes from LORAC!

  • You are right! These are all pretty and would work well with accent colors, too. Thanks for sharing!

  • Cassie Liz

    These all look like lovely summery tones which makes a lot of sense given their names – kind of does remind me of a day out on santa monica pier! Super cute

  • I’m still very much into the summer tones and the summer vibe! The beach is my happy place after all. I think these are beautiful shades and I love each one!

    • The other palettes have darker colors but I like the beach vibe too.

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    I love these palettes! That Twilight Tide eye shadow is so beautiful. I love it.

  • Rachel

    I love these pallettes. I would love to try venice beach. I will have to look for it next time I go to Ulta or Sephora.

    • It’s a great palette with a great price.

  • Wow! Im’ actually very surprised with the pigmentation! Love these!

    • The pigmentation is excellent, my swatches are without primer.

  • Beautiful colors! I love the pigmentation as well. They’re very nice for everyday use.

  • polarbelle

    These are so pretty. I’ve looked at them and I like them all. I like the big ones too and started with Desert Sunset

    • My Ulta was out of the Sunset palettes but I ordered the Mountain one. They look like they were made for you!

  • Venice Beach has such lovely shades. Canal is the kind of eyeshadow I could wear all the time.

    • Venice Beach is so pigmented and lovely–lots of options with that one.

  • What a gorgeous range of shades. The pigmentation is on point and I love the colours, especially sunset yoga its so pretty x

    • I totally agree, these are so fun and affordable.

  • I love Lorac, they always have the best shadows! This packaging is beautiful as well, and I am a sucker for pretty packaging.

    • I love great packaging too, gets me every time!

  • Lindsey @andthekitchensink.net

    Eyeshadow palettes are my weakness! I love lorac and I’m a sucker for pretty looking packages lol

  • I like both of those palates. Neither are too bold or crazy. And their boxes are so pretty!

  • Melissa Chapman

    The suttle shades are really my thing anything to glimmery or glitzy is too much. I love the Santa Monica which compliments my skin tone.

    • I love Santa Monica for a soft, pretty look.

  • Kristina

    I really like that eyeshadow! Now that the hot summer days are passing by I can have fun with some colors again. I may have to look into purchasing this palette.

  • Jeanine @ sixtimemommy.com

    So many gorgeous shades. I love seeing new palettes. Although I don’t wear make up nearly enough to get them, I love seeing them and showing my friends who are make up gurus.

  • Carolyn

    I love the shimmer in these palettes! So pretty. I just bought a new palette for blush and bronzer. I can’t wait to try it out.

    • Yes, the shimmer is isn’t glittery or overdone.

  • baby cake

    They are both beautiful but I am totally going to get the Santa Monica palette. I love that they are small and travel friendly and $24 for a Lorac palette is a steal in my opinion.

    • I agree! Check out the 3 other palettes too!

  • Betzy Carmona

    This is such a cool palette.

  • I love the colors in the Santa Monica palette!

  • Amber Nelson

    Those are sure some awesome colors! I definitely would love the Santa Monica palette of colors!

  • Wow, I have never tried Lorac before. However, I definitely need to get a palette or two the next time I’m at Sephora or Ulta!

  • TheMummyToolbox

    These are beautiful colours and look like great products, I will have to check it out!

  • Brittany

    Wow! I love all of the colors on here so much! I really like the cute pinks in the palette as well! Super cute!

  • I have some Lorac products in my makeup bag and I really like them. One of their cream lipsticks is a favorite and I have it in my purse right now.

    • It’s a great brand. I like their eyeliners too.

  • Yasmin Ali

    I’ve never seen or tried this brand but looks absolutely pretty! I definitely need some swatches in my bag

  • lydia

    I’m living for venice beach! Those shades are so gorgeous and perfect for fall. Plus, affordable!

    • I think it will transition into fall nicely.

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  • I keep telling myself I don’t need more warm eyeshadow palettes but Venice Beach is sooo pretty!

  • Jessie

    I just love the peach and yoga mat blushes. Great colors

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