L’Occitane Provencal Eau de Cologne Collection for Summer!

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L’Occitane’s Provencal Eaux de Cologne Collection brings you floral, citrus and aromatic options with Ravissante, Universelle and Captivante. Women and men will enjoy these irresistible fragrances inspired by summer in Provence.

In Provence, the saying goes that water is gold. Our Eaux de Provence collection is inspired by the many beautiful fountains of the south of France, which continue to bring life and joy to its many cities and villages. Designed in the likeness of these fountains, the large size of each bottle also conveys the generosity of the water they offer.

These scents are very light and airy, really more like a body splash than a fragrance. Eau Ravissante is a floral bouquet with fruity citrus notes–my favorite combination of summer scents.  Formulated with the essential oils of Mediterranean bergamot and Damascena rose, this  eau de cologne combines the softness of rose petals with the sparkling freshness of citrus scents. Fruity/floral scents are my favorite for summer because they are so refreshing. Ravissante is heavier on the floral than the fruit with distinct rose notes making it slightly different than your typical “summer” scents. Being a eau de cologne, it doesn’t stay around for long, but the bottle is very generously sized.

When I was a kid, my dad used Brylcreem on his hair and I would always see my mother spraying her perfume on his pillow. When I asked why, she simply said “your dad’s hair smells.”  Now I find myself doing the same thing; I love to spray this on my pillow and linens so I can smell it as I drift off to sleep. And no, I don’t smell like my dad thank you very much!


Eau Universelle will appeal to men and women alike. Formulated with the essential oils of Mediterranean bergamot and grapefruit, this eau de cologne is a real whirlwind of freshness, built on a harmony of invigorating sunny citruses.


Eau Captivante is where aromatic Provençal herbs meet zesty lime and bergamot.  Men and women will be captivated by this fresh, clean blend of sparkling green and woody aromas, which also contains the essential oils of Mediterranean mint and basil. This is a scent I would definitely keep in the refrigerator for a cool invigorating burst on a hot day.

The bottle is a heavy glass work of art inspired by the beautiful fountains that can be found across the villages of southern France. It is a huge 10.1 fl. oz!

L’Occitane’s Eaux de Colognes retail for $52 each and may be purchased at usa.loccitane.com

Bottom Line: this collection is both beautiful to the eye and the nose! Update: Good news! This fragrance does last longer than I originally thought; I spritzed about 7 sprays at 6 am,  it is 3 pm and and can still smell it!


Press Sample



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  1. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    You crack me up! I’ve seen these in mags, and I’m always attracted by the idea of a citrusy, light scent in the summer. The idea…because they never last on me. But you might have drawn me into your web with this one, Cindy!

    • Originally I didn’t think it lasted long enough but then I was more generous with the application and it lasts nicely. The bottle is HUGE so I feel I can justify using more than normal.

      • Mamavalveeta03 says:

        True, I always feel I can spritz more generously when the bottle is big. (Same thing with alcohol. Big bottle = Big drink 😉 )