L’Occitane La Collection de Grasse


The story of modern perfumery began in Grasse, an exceptional town in the south of France, rich with vibrant colors and beautiful fragrances. Local growers mastered the art of cultivating delicate flowers such as jasmine, rose and orange blossom. To complement the extraordinary fragrances from Grasse, the most adventurous perfumers traveled overseas to lands as distant as the Far East in search of magnolia, or to Madagascar for vanilla. Thus, the perfumers’ palette of scents was enriched and modern perfumery was born.

L’Occitane’s new fragrance collection inspired by Grasse, the world capital of perfumery, debuted on April 17th just in time for Mother’s DayThere are four fragrances in the collection, each with an accompanying shower gel and body milk. A 2.5 fl. oz. Eau de Toilette retails for $75, 5.9 fl.oz. Body Milk $20,  5.9 fl. oz. shower gel for $18 and 4.4 oz. perfumed soap $8.  

The luxurious scents include:

Jasmin Bergamote  – an elegant & romantic union between the sparkling bergamot and graceful jasmine. Bergamote discreetly brightens the scent and continues to retain a lingering presence while Jasmine reveals all its facets.

The Vert Bigarade – the union of fresh green tea and zesty bitter orange offers a thirst-quenching fragrance

Magnolia Mure – a mysterious and sophisticated union between the elegant magnolia and the exquisite blackberry

Vanille Narcisse – a warm and intoxicating embrace between vanilla and narcissus

Karine Dubreuil, private perfumer for L’Occitane, is the nose behind many famous fragrances and has created La Collection de Grasse.

“It’s really a love story between L’OCCITANE and myself. I was born in Grasse, I was raised in Grasse, I studied in Grasse. Creating this collection was just like writing about what I grew up with…my emotions, my heritage. I think that’s why we understood each other right away.” -KARINE DUBREUIL, PRIVATE PERFUMER FOR L’OCCITANE

The simple bottle is actually quite unique. Made with thick, clear glass, it’s inspired by the traditional perfume bottles of Grasse perfumeries. Its round neck especially recalls their shape. The ampersand (&), a symbol of unification, represents the union of the precious ingredients from lands near and far.


I was sent a sample of Jasmin Bergamote to try. The top notes are mandarin, bergamot and petitgrain. Middle note is the lovely jasmine and the base notes are woody cedar and sandalwood. I would describe this as a green, woody floral if there is such a thing. Perhaps what I like most about this scent it that it’s lasts all day without being overpowering. There is a delicate balance between the petals and leaves. The scent is light but still makes it presence known.

Still not sure which scent is right for you? Why not try them all? The Collection de Grasse Travel Set is only $30 and let’s you try all four! It also makes a fabulous Mother’s Day gift!

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