Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Amethyst- Chic or Shriek?

Laura Mercier has a solid hit on her hands with the new Caviar Eye Colour Sticks ($24). Give me a quick, easy 5-minute way of doing my eye makeup and I’m yours forever! I love eye shadow sticks for this reason alone, but add to that eight gorgeous highly pigmented budge-proof colors, and well, I’m just over the moon for these.

My counter didn’t have these in yet, so I was cautious and only ordered one shade from Sephora–Amethyst. I expected Amethyst to be a pale lavender but it isn’t at all. On my skin is has a lot of brown taupe with an undertone of mauve.  It does have shimmer but when blended with fingers, the shimmer almost disappears making it very age appropraite. The texture is soft and creamy, but you must blend quickly– you only have a few seconds until they set and then they do NOT crease or budge until you remove with eye makeup remover. When I tried to remove Amethyst from my arm after taking pictures, it would not come off with soap and water–only eye makeup remover. Amethyst is a similiar shade to Chanel Rose Platine eyeliner–Rose Platine having more silver and Amethyst having more mauve. 

While I love the texture, lasting power and ease of Amethyst, I’m on the fence as to whether I chose a good shade for me. I need your help to decide, what do you think? Give me a yay or nay–and tell the truth, I can take it!

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour’s are very similiar to Mally Beauty’s Evercolor Long Wearing Shadow Sticks –they wear as well and as long. I have Mally’s Twilight, a shimmery taupe with a slight metallic sheen and I use it when I’m in a hurry in the morning as I know I will do with the LM Amethyst. Mally’s are a bit creamier and are available in lots more colors for $1 more ($25).

L-LM Amethyst R-Mally Twilight

One last look–so what say you beauties? Chic or Shriek for Amethyst?

Bottom Line: Caviar Stick Eye Colours are fantastic for a quick and easy eye look. I’m basically lazy and like to sleep as long as I can so I love the convience of eye shadow sticks. Eye Shadow sticks are fabulous for travel too as they provide a quick and budge-proof eye look. When I travel I want easy looks–I prefer to spend my time seeing and doing as much as I can rather than perfecting my makeup.

Laura has several more beautiful shades in the lineup–I have my eye on Steel, a soft blue-silver and Khaki, a greenish taupe. As far as Laura Mercier v.s. Mally, it’s really a toss up–the Mally Shadow Sticks give a little more time to blend and have a larger shade range so if Laura M. doesn’t have a shade you’re looking for, Mally’s Evercolor Long Wearing Shadow Sticks are a comparable choice.

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  1. I didn’t pick up Amethyst for the EXACT same reason. I did just buy Steel over the weekend. These things do not come off….

  2. I wasn’t sure how this would show up on my eyes so I went for Khaki (my latest craze anyway). I think this looks like a lot of other shades you have and doesn’t stand out that much. It’s pretty with a “but”.

  3. I just ordered one of these in Khaki- I can’t wait to get it! It looks beautiful on you!!

    This color looks an awful lot like my By Terry Ombre Blackstar shadow in Misty Rock.

  4. I like it on you, Momma C!

    Definitely get Khaki next, though =)


  5. I really need to go play with these! I am such a cream shadow junkie. I’m too lazy for brushes 😛 I love her liquid shadows, so if these are just as good, i’m sold

  6. This was the shade I got as well and I’m not too sure its the best for me either. I do really like it on you though, looks lighter on your skin than it does on mine. I’m hoping they add some lighter shades to the line up.

  7. Are you kidding?! It’s a 100% YAY! It looks gorgeous and really brings out your blue eyes. I find this type of colour one of the best for bringing out our eye colour.

  8. Your blue eyes are amazing. The color is perfect for a casual, run-about Saturday. Now would you pay that price for just a ‘little something’? I may still consider these because my eyes work best with subtle color. Plus the Mally option is calling my name.

    As always, stunning.

  9. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I am in total agreement with the previous two readers: Amethyst makes your blue eyes “pop” and stand out beautifully. I HAVE to get khaki, and now that I’ve seen this color on you, I’ll probably HAVE to get amethyst, too (I have hazel eyes). I’m gonna’ check out the Mally’s right now! Thanks, Cindy!

  10. This looks subtle and great on you, but the green will probably be AMAZING!