Laura Mercier Arabesque Spring 2013 Collection

220px-Réda_Sári_-_Raymonda,_Tableau_du_rêve_-_Prix_de_Lausanne_2010-6Arabesque:  A ballet position in which the dancer bends forward while standing on one straight leg with the arm extended forward and the other arm and leg extended backward. 

When I saw the Arabesque Collection by Laura Mercier for Spring 2013, I immediately thought of ballerinas. Actually I was reminded of the positions I learned in ballet class a kid. Arabesque, Pirouette and any move where I could jump were my favs. Even so, my ballet career was short lived. I liked my pink tutu better than the class or the dances.  I finally harrassed my poor mother into letting me switch from ballet to modern jazz. I can remember it like it was yesterday because my mom got SO mad at me. She was driving me home from ballet class and I told her that I wanted to quit ballet and take modern jazz instead. Keep in mind that as a kid I made quite a habit of joining and then quitting classes, clubs (unless I could be president), groups, etc. She was really upset but as I think about it now it was probably due more to my constant badgering than actually switching dance classes. I think I asked her “puhleeeese” 4,327 times on the 15 minute ride home. Anyway, she gave in and let me make the switch to modern jazz which suited me much better. I liked the hot pink glittery costume with fringe much better than the tutu and ballerinas didn’t get to dance to the Blame It On The Bossa Nova. JAZZ HANDS!  I digress.

cindy and elyse

Not exactly an arabesque. I’m the dark haired one on the left and by the way, I still can’t fill out a tank top.

Laura Mercier Spring Look

Laura Mercier’s Arabesque Collection is full of soft pretty pastels fitting for the most discerning ballerina. The collection consists of:

I was lucky enough to try a few key pieces from the collection on counters now! The look is  sweet, romantic and absolutely serene.

DSCN3960 (480x360)

Free Spirit Baked Eye Colour Palette has five semi-matte shades, with a gradation of colors from blue to blush– Left to Right: Blue Zen, Soft Cloud, Satin Ribbon, Bare Yoga, and Pink Tutu. Being the palest shades, I was initially afraid Soft Cloud and Pink Tutu might be chalky but all the colors have a nice texture. This is Laura Mercier’s baked formula so the shades will appear very soft and sheer when applied dry and intensify when used wet. The great thing about that is it can be used dry for a ballerina or wet for a jazzy girl.

Blue Zen is a mid-toned blue that is really lovely when applied wet. I tend to shy away from blues but Blue Zen is very wearable as long as you don’t wear it with other blue eye shadows… and blue liner… and blue mascara a lá the 80’s. Soft Cloud is an almost white icy blue, Satin Ribbon is a beautiful bronze when applied wet takes on a coppery feel. Bare Yoga, my least favorite of the palette is a silvery taupe. There’s nothing wrong with it, I just think most women have AT LEAST one or two taupes in their collection (am I right?) and this one is nothing special. I would much rather have a pretty lavender in it’s place. Pink Tutu is a lovely shimmery pale pink that when worn on the lid makes eyes gleam and glow.  Satin Ribbon and Blue Zen also make for pretty eye liners used wet.


Rather than doing the standard blue on blue eye look, I updated the look by using Soft Cloud (the icy blue) on the inner corner and brow bone, Satin Ribbon (bronze) on the lid and Blue Zen (mid-tone blue) in the crease. Stone Grey liner is on the top lash line. I really like the way it turned out and can see this working for me as an everyday/office look.

e273e67d-07dc-499b-9742-f8aedc1f6066wallpaper (480x360)

For those of you like me who have deep set eyes, using Pink Tutu on the lids will bring eyes forward and make your peepers glow! In this look I used Pink Tutu on the lid and inner corner and Satin Ribbon in the crease. A little dab of Satin Ribbon wet on the outside corner of the lower lash line finished the look. I feel very feminine and girly when I wear this combo.

5a9e4610-af8c-4951-88d3-cc0fafebf1b2wallpaper (480x360)


Just for old times sake I thought I would try the all blue 80’s look. It’s not as bad as I thought it might be but I kinda think I would be self conscious wearing it and I prefer grays on my eyes. I don’t know, what do you think? Be honest now, I can take it!

5168b469-02fb-498b-9707-fcb2f8a6f031wallpaper (480x360)


The Free Spirit palette is a little shorter than my IPhone and comes with a double sided brush that I love! One side is flat and one side is pointed and flat. I like the pointed side for working with these baked shadows and it makes getting into the corners of the eye a breeze. As is typical of Laura Mercier, the quality of the brush is fantastic.


0725e973-76a2-46ce-81c7-448467a2e56bwallpaper (480x360)

Stone Grey eye liner is perfect for us over 40 women. It gives the definition we’re looking for without being harsh. It is a very pigmented soft bluish grey shade. For some crazy reason, the color of Ashley’s uniform in Gone With the Wind comes to mind. LOL! It glides on eyes smoothly and lasts 5-6 hours. I love, love, love it!

41f538b0-ae80-4e60-ac71-17b1ef167f78wallpaper (480x360)


Arabesque Crème Smooth Lip Colour, the namesake of the collection has a cushiony lightweight texture and good pigment. It is a very pale pink opaque shade. On my lips it pulls more peach but it is so light I feel it washes me out. I think this color might be a hard for pale girls to wear. However, if you have a deeper skin tone or like pale nudish shades you’re in for a treat!

DSCN3988 (480x360)


Stone Grey Lienr & Arabesque Lip Colour

The Laura Mercier Arabesque Collection is ideal for us over 40 women looking for a soft, feminine look for spring.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the collection! Share in the comments please! 

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  1. JAZZ HANDS!!!
    Seriously tho. I dread sping collections because of all the Pastels. I like the looks you did, but I doubt I would ever feel comfortable in pink eyeshadow like that. That lipstick is a pretty color tho!

  2. This collection is a bit nostalgic for me since I grew up (and still am) a dancer. Like you, I would want to quit or switch to a class where I could jump around more. However, my parents made me stick with it since I wasn’t good at anything else, lol. Anywho, I’m loving the lip colour! I’m wondering if it would wash out my NC30 skin though…. Great review, thanks for sharing!

  3. What a gorgeous collection, Cindy! Your EOTD is simply stunning!!!!!!!!

  4. I thought for sure that you’d love the lipstick since it seems so you but if it’s sheer then it’s more me. LOL

  5. ooooooooooo, I think I need that palette. You always sell me on the Laura Mercier!! I love you in a tutu. You were tutu cute!!

  6. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    Cindy, your eyes look GORGEOUS in this palette! These are YOUR colors, that is for sure. And you seriously crack me up…”I still can’t fill out a tank top.” (me, either!)

  7. Cindy, thanks for the great introduction to Laura Mercier’s new collection. I’m a redhead and am often looking for peachy lipstick shade and I’ll definitely check this one out. And the eye shadows truly made your eyes look gorgeous, an incredible teal color. I was wearing grey eyeliner (Charlotte Ronson) and a grey tunic at a holiday party for my book club last month, and I was amazed at how many women told me how blue my eyes looked. Grey rocks! Finally, I love the photo of you as a young ballerina. Adorable


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  2. […] Prime Beauty – recalls her days as a ballerina as she tries different makeup looks with Laura Mercier’s Arabesque Collection for Spring 2013. […]

  3. […] Prime Beauty – recalls her days as a ballerina as she tries different makeup looks with Laura Mercier’s Arabesque Collection for Spring 2013. […]