Lash Sleeve Mascara: Review, Pics

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Lash Sleeve ($15) is a revolutionary water-based mascara that has reached cult status. I’m excited to tell you about this untraditional mascara! It grabs hold of each lash and coats it with a 360° “sleeve.” However, unlike a tubing mascara that dries out lashes, it actually conditions them. Lash Sleeve is like a regular mascara but it surrounds each lash to lock in color without being a tube. It is perfect for me with my allergies: even when my eyes water, it remains absolutely immune to smudging!

Lash Sleeve’s water-based formula is a mix of lash conditioning ingredients including:

  • Squalane: an antioxidant rich emollient that provides a protective shield around lashes
  • Candelilla Wax: a unique vegetable wax that gives lashes a glossy finish
  • Glycerol: a hydrating emollient that works to nourish and condition lashes

Lash Sleeve

The brush isn’t anything radical; just your typical wand–not too thin, not too thick. The magic is definitely in the formula. Application is typical too and more coats does not equal clumps. Remove either with water or with eye makeup remover.

Lash Sleeve Wand

And now for the results! I must tell you though, all this length is not entirely due to Lash Sleeve, I have been using RevitaLash, (reviewed here) a lash growth serum and it works very well!

Lash Sleeve Lashes

Lash Sleeve Mascara–the eyeliner is Chella’s Eyeliner Pen in Indigo that I got in my last Ipsy Glam Bag and I love it!

Bottom Line: If you like tubing mascaras but don’t like the dry, crunchy lashes you get from them, Lash Sleeve is perfect for you!

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  • This sounds pretty cool. I hve never tried a water based mascara, I am intrigued. Good review!!!

  • I love tubing mascaras. I think they really help protect your natural lashes.

    • This is the first tubing mascara I’ve ever liked!

  • Looks like a nice mascara! I can’t ever get tubing mascaras to work for me.

    • That’s the beauty of this one–it’s so easy–just like a regular mascara

  • This looks great!

  • Jess Scull

    Love trying new mascara! Adding this to my list!

  • Your lashes look amazing, I love the dramatic effect this mascara gives them.

  • Love! I want to try this now 🙂

  • Sounds like a great mascara, thanks for the review!

  • My lashes are so short that tubing mascaras usually do not work as well – but I am totally digging the brush.

    • This is the first tubing mascara I like!

  • Your lashes look great! I also love the colored liner 🙂

    • I’m crazy about this Chella liquid liner!

  • I’ve tried Blinc’s tubing mascara, and it was just meh. I couldn’t get any length or volume with it, and you have to work super-fast to get more than one coat on. I love the idea of this one, though!

  • This looks fantastic!!!

  • I’m a fan of tubing mascaras so I would like to try this

  • I am halfway through my review for this mascara, it doesn’t come off me in tubes which I’m glad about. A great everyday mascara for me.

  • Mamavalveeta03

    You said the magic words for me, Cindy: Stays on allergy eyes!
    I’ll have what she’s having! 😉

  • Your lashes are to die for!

  • I like the eye look

  • I have the most boring and lifeless lashes so I’m intrigued to try this brand!

  • Your lashes are soooo long! <3 Love

  • Your lashes look so long!!

  • That makes your lashes look fantastic!