Lancome Summer 2013 Gloss In Love Collection



Just last month (is it June already?) Lancôme launched the Summer 2013 Gloss In Love Collection. The formula for Rouge in Love lipstick is a beloved favorite of mine (Corail In Love is pure heaven),  so I was giddy with anticipation when I heard about the Gloss In Love Collection.

Rouge In Love, Vernis In Love… Today, the In Love universe is enriched with a brand new generation of gloss. A genius of shine and comfort housed in a case that opens with a click: Gloss In Love.

 Fuchsia, pink and orange: the shades combine together to form countless glistening looks. Enjoy total freedom to experiment with the most daring of combinations for infinite variations, teaming up the gloss with the new Rouge In Love and Vernis In Love shades. Lancôme thus creates the most mouth-watering made-to-measure “In Love” make-up imaginable, perfect to play with and to highlight the colourful spontaneity of your personality. Discover it this summer; you’ll be hooked all year round.


Purchased by me

I was concerned though, could Gloss In Love ($27) stand up to the high standards created by her cousin Rouge In Love? I needn’t have worried–it’s all in the family genes. Gloss In Love is all that I wanted and more–full-bodied pigment, high shine and non-sticky texture. Rouge In Love has a rep for being  long lasting–we’re talking up to six hours long, can Gloss In Love match that? Does a beauty blogger stalk Sephora? That would be a yes.

2013-06-04 03.33.12 (360x480)

What makes Gloss In Love so different and appealing is the soft shimmer (some shades softer than others) that lends a crystal-like effect to the lips and gives dimension. And let’s not overlook the unique packaging!  The gloss is housed in a typical looking tube with one important difference–there is a button you click to release the wand from the tube. I’m still getting used to NOT trying to twist the top off! The wand clicks back into place–not more goop or leaking gloss! The double sided doe-foot applicator is quite distinctive also. The lower lip side is scooped out to hug your the surface of your lower lip and cover in one swipe. The upper lip side has a pointed precision tip to make contouring the cupids bow  of the upper lip  as easy as blowing a kiss!


529fb266-3a2c-48a9-bf0e-92773183c427wallpaper (480x360)

 There are 12 shades of Gloss In Love:

  • Fizzy Rosie – nude brown w/golden shimmer
  • Lily en Lame – mauve w/iridescent sparkle
  • Glittermania – bright pinky coral w/golden shimmer
  • Peach Show – light pastel peach
  • Blink Pink – medium pastel w/golden shimmer
  • Pink Carat – bright pink w/ iridescent sparkle
  • Pink Pampille – bright pink with shimmer
  • Flash n’ Fucshia – bright fucshia w/shimmer
  • Scarlett Starlett – medium red with shimmer
  • Just Strass – clear shimmer topcoat w/iridescent glitter

I took one look at Glittermania on the Lancôme website and had to have it immediately! It’s a bright coral with a lot of beautiful golden shimmer that makes you lips look fuller! The texture is great, not too thin, not too thick, it has a very nice slip and I love the shine!  Remember that crystal-like finish I was talking about earlier? Yeah, well Glittermania has it thanks to the added sparkle.  This shade is ideal for a refreshing summer pop of color and is so on-trend with the  bright fashions this season! A neutral eye with a bright lip is an effortless way to achieve an eye-catching look without being overdone in the warm summer months. I’m probably going to finish the entire tube of Glittermania before summer is over though!

2013-06-04 03.39.14 (480x326)

Top: Blink Pink, bottom: Glittermania

2013-06-04 03.42.28 (427x480)

Look at that wet, juicy finish!

2013-06-04 03.41.32 (480x428)

Blink Pink is the other shade I chose. It’s described as a medium pastel with golden shimmer but you can see it pulls quite peach on me, I expected something more pink. That’s fine, I have 3,792 shades of pink gloss and I actually quite like this soft peachy shade–it’s great an everyday natural, soft look. I suggest you go to a counter and try out the Gloss In Love shades rather than order online like I did. Lancôme’s online are pretty good but colors will change with your individual coloring.

2013-06-04 03.36.13 (480x360)

There are also six new Rouge In Love shades:

  • Rose Me, Rose Me Not!
  • Pink Bonbon
  • Rose Mantic
  • Be My Date!
  • Midnight Crush!
  • Rose Flaneuse
  • Red My Lips
  • Fall In Rose
  • Crazy Tangerine

Bottom Line: Get thee to a Lancôme counter pronto to try the new Gloss In Love glosses. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the color selection and I really like the applicator as well! Don’t be afraid of the sparkle–it’s refined and looks lovely on our over 40 lips!


Purchased by me