Lancome Color Design All-in-One 5 Shadow & Liner Palettes

Lancome’s Color Design All-in-One 5 shadow & liner palette brightens the eyes in a convenient, versatile all-in-one palette that creates a full eye look for day or night.  These eye popping palettes feature silky, lustrous, long-wearing powders that provide pure color and a radiant finish. Experience the newest generation of luminosity as silky lustrous powders transparently wrap the skin, allowing a seamless layering of pure color for a silky sheen and radiant finish. Apply the shades in five simple steps (all over, lid, crease, highlighter, and liner) to design your customized eye look.  Can be used wet or dry to vary the intensity. Available in 12 color combinations that range from natural to colorful, cool to warm:

  • Kissed by Gold
  • Emerald Boudoir
  • Sienna Sultry
  • Mauve Cherie
  • Bronze Amour
  • Taupe Craze
  • Pink Envy
  • Midnight Rush
  • Jade Fever
  • Amethyst Glam
  • Teal Fury
  • Coral Crush

 The lovely Mila Kunis wore Coral Crush and Teal fury on her eyes,  Blush Subtil in Sheer Amourose and L’Absolu Nu in Coral Ribbon, which will be out in March. I adore this classy but young look.

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