Journey to the Center of My Skin – My Adventures With Microneedling

Hello beauties, I’m going on a journey to better skin and all of you are coming along with me whether you want to or not!

I am trying the HANSDERMA microneedling device. Skin Microneedling is a collagen induction / transdermal drug delivery treatment for skin rejuvenation, scar repairing, de-pigmentation and other skin condition improvements. Microneedle roller (or meso-roller) is a roller with numerous microneedles that penetrate the skin layer to 1) stimulate the wound healing process so that it induces new collagen and elastin and to 2) create clear routes to increase absorption of cosmetics or medical ingredients. The channels should close up within an hour. Many clinical studies have proven that skin microneedling is more effective or as powerful as others including laser resurfacing, chemical peels or dermabrasion. (e.g. DTS roller can generate 500,000 micro-channels in 10 minutes (1,000 per square cm) compared to Fraxel which generates 2,000 micro-thermal zone per square cm after 3~4 treatments). I was sent the Genosys At Home System. The Gynosys Microneedle Roller differs from others in that:

  • there are 540 micro-needles (as opposed to the standard 192) for better penetration and less discomfort
  • Diskneedles  so the pins cannot come off
  • Diamond shaped needles for faster healing
  • 25% thinner (diameter 0.2mm)
  • Detachable handle
  • Vibrating function
  • FDA cleared, CE marked


I tried it for the first time last night. Aside from all the fancy scientific jargon, I liken it to rolling a meat tenderizer over my face (my face being the meat). Much as you tenderize meat and then soak it in marinade, you apply serum to your face and then roll the Genosys Roller lightly over your face a few times and the serum penetrates deeper into the skin.

The serum I tried last night was a peel and it did sting a bit–even more when I used the roller. After using the roller on my face rolling vertically, horizontally and diagonally, I then washed off the peel serum and applied argan oil. My face was red and a bit irritated. This morning there were a few tender spots where I probably pressed too hard with the roller, but by this afternoon I was back to normal. It’s important to apply a heavy duty moisturizer after treatment. Next time I will try a regular serum instead of a peel.

Round 2

I waited four days to let my skin recover before I used the roller again. I was accidently sent the wrong serum so I used my Reviva Labs Hyaluronic Acid Serum. I smoothed it all over my face and then used the microneedling roller. I didn’t press down as hard as the first time but I still rolled vertically, horizontally and diagonally. After I finished rolling, I put on a thick moisturizing mask and left it for about 45 minutes and then wiped off the excess. The next day my skin was not sore like the first time but I did use the roller too much on my nose and under it. Those areas were a little red and took longer to recover.

Round 3

The Skin Whitening Solution (SWS) I requested arrived. SWS diminishes hyperpigmentations but also recovers luminosity and smoothness to the skin avoiding damage. I choose this solution because of the sun damage on my face–what used to be freckles are now brown blobs. This is my main concern at the moment and also the easiest to track in pictures.

There are five different types of solutions available-; Anti-Wrinkle for wrinkle reduction, firming and lifting), Skin Whitening (see above), Problem Control (acne controlling, for acne and oily skin), Cytokine Concentrate (for scars and stretch marks), and Caviar Concentrate (for photo damaged and dry skin). The solutions target different skin problems and all packaged in 10 separate glass vials.

I cleansed my face, applied the solution by patting it in with my fingers and rolled with the microroller for about 5 minutes avoiding my undereye area and above the lip. I am on a learning curve here. I let the solution set for about 30 minutes and then applied KenzoKi Belle de Jour White Lotus Mask (review later in the week).

Important Things to Remember:

  • do not use if you are allergic to metal
  • do not use excessive pressure
  • avoid the lip and eye area
  • be sure to check the seal, and term of validity on the package before use
  • be careful to only roll–do not drag the roller
  • the solution vials are glass–be careful when snapping the top and use an eyedropper–do not apply the glass to your face
  • never let anyone else use your roller
  • sterilize the roller with 70% alcohol–run alcohol over the roller head
  • you must use a high SPF sunscreen or stay of the sun while using the roller
  • do not use scrubs or exfoliants

This time I remembered to take before pictures.  I am strictly doing this for the sake of science and to provide a service to you, my readers by being your guinea pig….and….I’m secretly hoping to find the fountain of youth. Eh, I know that’s not going to happen but if I can rid myself of some of this sun damage, I would be really, really happy.

Stay tuned for more updates on my adventures in microneedling!

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  1. I am curious, but so far it sounds a bit too painful to me. I am a wooz

  2. I can’t wait to hear more about this.

  3. I bought a similar mechanism from Rodan & Fields and I’ve yet to use it. I keep staring at this expensive piece of machinery and debating whether I have the nerve. I’ll follow your updates and then decide what to do myself.

  4. OUCH! I hate needles so I think I wouldn’t like this, even if the needles are “micro”, I’m still too chicken. I would like to hear more about this and if it works well for you though.

    • It’s really no worse than a chemical peel

      • I have a little story for you, this reminded me of when I was really little, I had to be about 4 years old, because I know I wasn’t in school yet. We lived in Arizona and our backyard looked like a desert, there was no grass, just sand and cactuses (cacti?). My sister and I were playing in the backyard and had our little dishes and pots and pans to pretend we were cooking. Now of course we were smart enough not to play with the cactus with it’s big needles sticking out, but at the tops were these yellow and red “fruit” and those looked smooth. So we picked some of those to pretend to cook up. Soon our hands started burning, and if you looked closely you would see all these tiny needles sticking out of our hands! My mom did her best to get as many of them out as she could, but there had to be hundreds of them and it took at least a week for all of them to work their way out. Now that was a big time OUCH!


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