JewelMint – Jewelry You’re Gonna Love

I’ve been meaning to tell you about JewelMint for awhile now–sorry this post is so late. JewelMint is a collaboration between Kate Bosworth and her stylist Cher Coulter–it’s a subscription jewelry site. I am usually very weary of whatever-of-the-month clubs, however this is a little bit different because you can opt out any month you like. Yeah, that’s better.

Here’s how it works:

After you register, you take a fun, short quiz to determine your style. You then receive selections chosen for you in your ‘showroom’ that you can purchase. You can add or delete items from the entire line so you are not limited to the selections made for you. Every piece is $29.99 and there is always free shipping. You can skip a month if you aren’t crazy about anything that month. You have 5 days to skip or you will be charged, so be quick!

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the pieces I’ve purchased. Each piece is quite substantial both in weight and quality. The packaging is ultra deluxe–each piece comes in a sturdy black box with a magnetic closure and a note from Kate and Cher–sometimes explaining the piece or giving suggestions on how to wear it.

Here are a few of the pieces I’ve purchased:

I love these hoop earrings–they look equally good with a jeans and T-shirt or a pretty dress.

Overall, I’m very pleased with my pieces–it was a big leap of faith ordering sight-unseen.  I like the fact that I can opt out when there are no selections I’m interested in that month and I know I will order more pieces.

Check out JewelMint for yourself, here’s an invite!

  • I like the last earrings – I’ll take a look!

  • I actually just made my first JewelMint purchase today. I’ve been doing Send the Trend exclusively, but JewelMint caught my eye with a 1/2 off first purchase coupon for today. LOL

  • I’ve thought about it several times but I really don’t wear jewelry. Their items look so nice though.

  • I love the earrings on the model! This is a great business case for those who’d like a virtual stylist!

  • James

    These are great pieces. What really impressed me the most is how they delivered the packages. The way they do this makes them really look professional in the jewelry industry.

    -James from Virgins Saints And Angels Necklaces