Japonesque Color Collection: Review, Pics, Swatches!

Japonesque Eye Shadow Duos (480x360)


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Japonesque has a fantastic reputation for the finest quality professional brushes available today and they have done an exceptional job on the color cosmetics line for their fist foray into makeup. Now that traditional brush line meets the exquisite bespoke color swirls of their color cosmetics to create a sensational synergy between beauty product and application. Each brush captures the fashion-forward flair of  Japonesque Color. I have been a fan of Japonesque tools and kits for a long time, so let’s take a look at what’s new!

There are five new brushes available with acrylic handles swirling with vibrant color:

Japonesque Color Collection


2014-06-28 04.25.00 (480x360)


2014-06-28 04.26.53 (480x360)

Makeup brushes are SO important in completing a makeup look; they truly make the difference between looking professional and channeling Mimi from the Drew Carey show:


Okay, so maybe I exaggerate a smidge. Just trust me,  you NEED a good set of brushes. Capisce?

Today I’m going to show you the Japonesque Eye shadow fluff brush and the crease brush.  The Eye Shadow Fluff Brush delivers just the right amount of pigment to shape, shade and define the eye contours. The natural fiber bristles are very soft and the shaped head helps to blend beautifully. It also does a great job sheering out and applying loose shadows. This is the perfect everyday brush!

Eye Shaadow Fluff Brush

The Color Collection Eye Shadow Crease Brush makes contouring easy with it’s dense rounded head. This is a makeup artist’s dream for defining the eye and packing on color. It fits right into the crease of the eye and the outer corner,  switch to the fluff brush to blend and you can’t go wrong. I also really like the length of these brushes–it’s just right: not too long so you loose control and not too short so it’s hard to maneuver.

Crease brush

I used these brushes with two of the Japonesque Velvet Touch Eye Shadow Duos ($24).  These highly pigmented eye shadows have a micronized powder formula for rich color intensity. There are ten color combinations from iridescent, to metallic to suede finishes. The mineral and micro-pearl content achieves multi-dimensional color and effortless blending ability. The duos are complimentary but can also be combined with any of the single shades. I was a bit surprised at the richness and depth of the colors though I shouldn’t have been after falling for the Japonesque Velvet Touch Blush (read review here).  It’s obvious the brand has put a lot of time and effort into the color cosmetics line, because the quality is excellent and the performance outstanding.

2014-06-28 04.19.33 (480x360)

The ten duos are only named with numbers so I will try to explain the shades to you. I tried Shade #3 and Shade #4. No need to worry about sparkle or glitter beauties, it is held in check. There is shimmer, but I feel comfortable saying it’s appropriate for the over 40 woman.

Japonesque #3

Velvet Touch Eye Shadow Duo #3 consists of a shimmery yellow gold and a deep bronze with a lovely gleam. The gold does veer off slightly into sparkly-land, however I find it really brightens and opens up the eye area. The bronze works beautifully as a contour/crease shade for depth and dimension. These have a very silky texture and there is no fallout when used with the fab brushes mentioned earlier.

Swatch #3

For this look I used the gold shade on the lid, the bronze in the crease and Pixi Cafe Gold Eyeliner in gold smudged below the lower lash line. I didn’t line the top lashes at all but did put black liner on the waterline. The mascara is the new L’Oreal Miss MANGA (review coming soon).

Japonesque Eye Shadow

Velvet Touch Eye Shadow Duo #4 is perfect for a smoky eye look. The shade on the left is a taupe with a massive dose of mauve. The shade on the right is a pretty charcoal gray. While I wouldn’t say either of these shades are shimmery, they have a wonderful finish makes eyes gleam without being overdone or glittery. Me likey!

Eye Shadow Duo #4

All of the eye shadows in the line  have this same stunning finish, they blend well and last all day without creasing. If you have oily lids you will want to wear a primer.

Japonesque Swatch #4

The packaging is to-die-for; modern, colorful and sleek.  A beautiful abstract piece of art in lacquer adorns on the top of the compact–even the top of the lipsticks and glosses. It really is beautiful, sturdy and chic. The eye shadow products have a blue design, the blush pink and orange and the powder and concealer pink and purple. Each compact has a full mirror and the size is ideal for a makeup bag (sorry these do not come with brushes).

Bottom Line: the quality of the Japonesque Color Collection eye shadows is comparable to much more expensive brands and the packaging is on par also. I highly recommend checking out the brushes and the cosmetics line at your nearest Ulta or at ulta.com you won’t be sorry! And hey, let me know what you think!