Jane Iredale Naturally Glam Fall 2017 Collection!

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Here at Prime Beauty, we are super fans of Jane Iredale skin care and makeup as well as her commitments to the environment, animals, her local community and the world at large. We are also fans of the new Naturally Glam Fall 2017 Makeup Collection. The collection is small (only 3 pieces) but packs a big look. The collection features universally flattering, wearable colors and a choice of lip colors from natural to rockin’ red.

The Naturally Glam Eye Shadow Kit ($59) consists of a large base and four super saturated, coordinated shadows for an effortlessly chic look. Each shadow has just a touch of shimmer to make eye shine and glow.

  • Feather is a pretty cream perfect for the brow bone and inner corner or for use as a pretty highlighter
  • Lace is a peachy gold shimmer
  • Chenille is a pretty shimmery bronze
  • Satin is a gorgeous rose gold
  • Velvet is a satin mid-tone brown

These are swatched dry without primer–you can see the great color payoff. Can’t you just see the changing color of the leaves in this fall palette? It also brings to mind hot cocoa and chunky sweaters. The texture of the shadows is buttery soft and they are easy to blend. They do kick up a bit of powder but it doesn’t affect the performance and there is no fallout. They did not crease, however, if you have oily eyelids you may want to use a primer. I know I will use this palette a lot this fall.

Jane Iredale PurePressed Blush ($30) should be in every over 40 woman’s makeup bag.  I know that’s a big statement but the finish is perfection for older skin.  Clearly Pink is a bubble gum pink with an ever so subtle gold shimmer. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of super shimmery blushes that highlight every pore I have, they don’t look natural and I don’t think the overly shimmery blushes are flattering to older skin. Clearly Pink is extremely flattering with the RIGHT amount of shimmer and applies like a dream. I’m really anxious to try other shades–there are 11 shades, Clearly Pink being the newest.

Jane Iredale PureMoist Lipstick ($25). This is a VERY nice formula: Moringa Oil moisturizes, Orange peel wax, avocado and sunflower seed oils give a luxurious, conditioned and quenched feeling to the lips and Vitamins A and C and coffee seed extract infuse the delicate lip area with antioxidant protection. An added bonus–my lips are not in the best or smoothest shape right now, but you would never know as PureMoist does not highlight dry areas. I love the buildability–one swipe gives me a more sheer look, two to three swipes across my lips and the color is more intense.  These are lightly scented with Pomegranate and Blackberry and come in 25 versatile shades. Gwen is a classic, elegant red that’s easy to wear–it’s one of few reds I feel comfortable in.

Packaging for the Naturally Glam Collection consists of beautiful, elegant gold compacts and a skinny gold tube for the lipstick making it easy to travel with.

Bottom Line: the Jane Iredale Naturally Glam Collection is a classic look that’s easy to wear and is universally flattering!

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says:

    Beautiful look with gorgeous shades! I would love all of them. I notice you’re sweeping your bangs to the side – looks great!

  2. I have always head really good things about the Jane Iredale line. I would love to try it out one of these days.

  3. I love those shades! They are totally me. I’m not into bright colors, but those neutrals with a little shimmer are perfect.

  4. Melissa Chapman says:

    I can really get behind a brand that is kind and gives back to animals. That eyeshadow and blush was also very nicely shaded. I will consider these when I buy makeup.

  5. Those eyeshadows are classics, and they are so pigmented!

  6. I love Jane Iredale. The Creme Blush in Clarity is my all time fave and pretty much the only blush I now use.

  7. Kansas Bonanno says:

    What a stunning color combination. I love the naturals they are always my most favorite!!

  8. These colors are beautiful and very fallish! The lipstick looks great on you and I’m sure many others can wear this color too. I like the natural loo

  9. Mary Ann Jenson says:

    Very pretty eye colors, they make your eyes stand out so much. Love the chenille and satin colors!

  10. Beth Davidson says:

    You look very natural in these shades (which is absolutely a compliment!). I like the names too, so classic.

  11. These are nice colors, I especially love the blush!

  12. The makeup looks really nice on you. They give you a bright, well rested look. Which is great because I’m certainly not always well rested, but I certainly hate when people ask me if I’m tired. So it’s great to have tools to make that look natural.

  13. I like everything! From the eyeshadow palette to the bold red lipstick! It suits you well too.

  14. This is a lovely palette, it looks as if it was created just for you.

  15. I love that eyeshadow palette, those are so my colors. You look terrific in these photos. I love the profile one of you kissing the lipstick!

  16. Thanks for the review. I really like that lip color and the packaging is pretty cute as well, especially the little compact blush.

  17. I love that little blush compact! I agree with you, too – there is just too much shimmer in some makeup lines these days.

  18. Those are some very pretty cosmetics!! And perfect for you. I like your flirty picture!!

  19. I need that palette in my life, it’s what you want to have in your purse. Compact and the colors are great for day to night wear!

  20. I’ve never used Jane Iredale products before but I love the colors of the blush and the eyeshadow palette. I particular like the slight shimmer in the beautiful neutral colors.

  21. TheMummyToolbox says:

    I haven’t heard of this brand before but I am loving the different colours, they are more my tones

  22. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    Oh I just love that whole color palette on you! I would love those eye shadows, that is the kind of color I love.

  23. Kelly Hutchinson says:

    I am totally digging this color palette. I am into a more natural look, so this is something I would buy.

  24. Very pretty! I’m into more of a natural look too so this eye palette is perfect. I love the hint of shimmer too.

  25. redheadmomblog says:

    Wow – this makeup line is so pretty! I hadn’t heard of this before, but I would love to check it out!

  26. That is a gorgeous palette, beautiful for fall. I love the base, that little bit of shimmer is wonderful!

  27. Cecilia C. Cannon says:

    love that palette for Fall, not sure if it will work on me but I will check out the prodcuct line

  28. I loved the pigmentation of the shadows but the product I LOVED the most was the creamy pink blush. It looks gorgeous on you!

  29. Ayana Pitterson says:

    I have been on the hunt for a red lipstick for the absolute longest! This looks perfect on your complexion. I wonder if they have colors geared towards dark skin?

    Thrifting Diva

  30. Love the look here. THe eye pallette looks great, and I love the neutral and brown hues. Goes great with the lipstick!

  31. I am in love with the colors! I am all about the shimmer. The gold packaging looks so glamorous!

  32. Beautiful! I love a good red lip stain. Fall has me wearing darker lip colors so I’m pretty excited about red.

  33. Brittany Muddamalle says:

    Wow I love the way the red looks on you! Super cute! I’ve been obsessed with reds and pinks lately!