Ipsy Beauty Subscription Bag-February

After trying many, many monthly beauty subscription services, I gave up. Birchbox disappointed even though I know lots of people love it I never got a box I was crazy about or actually used for that matter. Glossybox was great for a few months but then I found myself throwing most of the samples in a drawer.


After all of that fickle me subscribed to Ipsy–what used to be My Glam. I blame it all on my friend PinkSith. After reading about her January bag I decided to give Ipsy a try–what’s a mere $10 a month? Two vanilla chai’s to be exact.

The bag itself is a small black patent with a red lining. The quality is okay, definitely not as nice as the typical gift with purchase makeup bags you get with big brands like Lancome, bareMinerals, Estee Lauder, etc.

2013-02-20 01.11.52 (480x360)


2013-02-20 01.14.01 (480x360)

Deluxe sample size of Pixi Flawless and Poreless face primer. I always like to try new primers and I haven’t tried this one so this is something I will use.

MICA Beauty Cosmetics gel liner in black. I don’t know if this is full size but it looks like it. Do I need another black eyeliner? Hells no but that’s okay I’m sure there are plenty of people that haven’t tried a black gel eyeliner yet? I’ll probably give it away.

2013-02-20 01.15.20 (480x359)

Coastal Scents sample eye shadow quad. In my best Chandler Bing voice, “Can this BE any smaller?” There are four shades: Dark Goldenrod, Sunbeam, Golden Globe and Dark Golden Olive. I may be able to get two uses out of these shadows. Honestly I would have preferred one full size eye shadow to this miniscule quad. Each eye shadow is about the size of a dime. I have heard good things about this brand so I will use the sample out of curiosity.

2013-02-20 01.14.12 (480x440)

Sample Size Pop Beauty Mascara. Mascara is my thang and I love trying different brands so I will use this. I also like to throw sample size mascaras in my travel bag.

2013-02-20 01.14.37 (480x360)

Lash Card Mascara Shields. This is a packet with 4 mascara shields, supposedly to prevent mascara from getting on your eyes where it doesn’t belong. Sorry Ipsy, but for me this is a throw-away product. Using a mascara shield is cumbersome and useless in my opinion. 

2013-02-20 01.16.43 (480x470)

There is also a card enclosed that gives you a discount for future purchases of the brands in that months bag. That’s nice and useful, I won’t be using it this month but perhaps in months to come.

2013-02-20 01.17.15 (360x480)

Bottom Line: I’m not blown away by the Ipsy February bag, not impressed at all. This is exactly why I’ve stopped subscribing to these beauty boxes–most of what’s inside goes straight to my sample drawer never to be seen again. I’m especially disappointed after seeing PinkSith’s awesome January bag! The one full size product is the MICA Beauty black gel eyeliner–not exactly exciting or unique. I will probably use 3 of the 5 products so I guess that’s not bad. I’ll hang on and see what the next bag brings–and say goodbye to my two Vanilla Chai’s.

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  1. One of my friends keeps raving about Ipsy. So far I still have too many boxes and never get around to cancelling. I do give a ton of it away at least.

  2. Its almost my bed time because I just read MICA as MAC! xD I was like woah I never saw mac in any subscription services before.

    I’m too cheap to pay for stuff that I may not use, but I do love reading all the post/hauls of these!