Introducing….Rae Cosmetics

One of the very best things about being a blogger is finding really great small independant cosmetics brands. This week I’m going to feature some brands you may not have heard of but need to know about. Rae Cosmetics is one such brand. It’s not enough for brands to have just pretty colors anymore, with our busy lifestyles, we demand quality, high performance, durable, dual purpose and environmentally friendly products. Rae Cosmetics delivers on ALL counts!

Rae Cosmetics is a fresh and versatile line ideal for everyday performance during exercise, travel or for those that simply lead a busy lifestyle. Rae has quickly become a favorite line among active women and athletes looking for performance as well as beauty from their cosmetics.

Creator Rae Rochelle became frustrated with the heavy makeup prevalent in the market and the seemingly endless trips to the mirror to reapply. Her active lifestyle, as well as that of her clients, called for a longer lasting, more natural approach to cosmetics. This inspired her to create a cosmetics line designed for real life and the active women who live it. After two years of research, design and careful attention to every detail, Rochelle introduced Rae Cosmetics, a fresh and versatile mineral makeup line designed for active women and athletes looking for performance as well as beauty from their cosmetics.

Inspired by minerals and pigments that exist in nature, Rae cosmetics are designed using a micro-crushed blend of clinical-grade nutrients, antioxidants and non-chemical sunscreens to keep skin healthy and protected.

I was able to try the Smokin’ Eye Set ($75), a trio of mineral eye shadows in three smoky shades; Sea Shell, a white pearl, Stormy, a shimmer/satin pewter and Hurricane, a mink brown. Also included in the set are Onyx eyeliner and Lush Silk Mascara.

Rae Cosmetics Smokin' Eye Set

Rae Smokin' Eyes

The pigment in these shadows is highly concentrated so very little is needed and I didn’t have to use a primer (although I always do). They are triple milled and very soft, blendable and easy to work with. The Rae eyeliner is long lasting, water resistant and mineral oil free. Lush Silk Mascara is formulated with silk proteins that build strong, flexible threads for long lashes.

I did an all over wash with the lightest shade, Sea Shell, then used a light swipe of Stormy, and used Hurricane in the crease. I added the Onyx black eyeliner to the top lash line and on the waterline. I underlined my lower lashes with Stormy. Depending upon the intensity you choose, this look can be as dramatic or as subtle as you wish. I really think the Smokin’ Eye Set is pretty neutral not leaning either too cool or too warm so it will work for all skin tones.

The other set I tried (and loved) was The Game Day Set (58).

The Game Day eye shadow palette inspired by the classic burnt orange color that takes over most of Austin and beyond during the high-energy college football season. Perfect for fall, the set consists of burnt orange and bronze shades paired with Pixie Lucky lips, a subtle natural coral shade.

Unlike the Smokin’ Eye Set, The Game Day Set is warm toned and looks especially fabulous on blue or green eyes. The quality is superior, the texture top-notch.

Rae Game Day Palette

These shades really are exceptional. The burnt orange shade leans to peach rather than red ensuring no “bunny eyes.”  The bronze shade is a true bronze, not brown. I love the combination shimmery/satin finish–it’s really more of a gorgeous sheen rather than shimmer and it translates beautifully on the eye. Perfect for over 40 women!!  The Lucky Lips gloss is enriched with vitamins A, C and E, is high shine and non-sticky. Lucky Lips provides a sheer splash of color with a tinch of sparkle.  I prefer more color but for those of you that like just a hint a color with high shine–you’ll love it!

The kits come in these cute silver wristlets. Empty palettes are available in 3, 4, 6 well which allow for easy refills and customization. The cases are both elegant and durable–a stunning silver design with the black logo and magnetic wells. I appreciate the double sided brush, it so much more useful than those stupid sponge applicators.

Overall Thoughts:I am SO happy Rae Cosmetics discovered me! These products are high performance, high quality, elegantly packaged and really deliver their promise! I tested the Smokin’ Eyes Kit at my Yoga class and again on a workout with a friend. My 37-year-old co-worker was in charge of the workout. I USED to like her. Little did I know she was a closet sadist! After walking 2 miles around the basketball court, she then made me run up & down stairs (at least twice) until I begged to stop. I thought I was done but then she showed me the “secret room.” This ex-friend/sadist deliberately appealed to my curious nature and lured me into the “secret room.” I had dreams of Cold Stone Creamery—what I got was a state-of-the-art treadmill and an elliptical machine or as I like to call it–The Machine of Death. I was on the Machine of Death for just a few minutes before I begged for mercy and was switched to the treadmill–I dialed it down to “geriatric” and tried to get the two pieces of jello that used to be my legs moving. Needless to say I was sweating like a contestant in the finale of the Bachelor by the time we were done. It was the worst 15 minutes of my life! The good news is my Rae makeup–eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara–everything stayed in place and ON my face!!  Truthfully, the skinny She Devil did give me a good workout–2 miles in the gym, then the Machine of Death and the treadmill. I worked up a good sweat and my Rae makeup endured the She Devil!

How can a company like Rae Cosmetics get any better? Rae is both animal and earth friendly. All of their ingredient suppliers, manufacturers and laboratories also support the Cruelty-Free Commitment and their use of minimal packaging supports the Clean World Commitment.

Bottom Line: Try this line!

Prime Beauty Grade: A

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  1. lisa brown says:

    I absolutely love the The Game Day Set…I love orange.

  2. Gorgeous stuff!! I love the colors in both sets but I think Game Day is right on target for spring!

  3. Those are gorgeous! I will have to check them out. I am also curious about the climate control mineral tint and mineral powder.

  4. Those sets look great! The quality of the eyeshadows seems to be really good in your swatches.


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