Introducing Highlight Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks!


Press Sample


Highlight Cosmetics is a new-to-me brand whose philosophy is “take care of your inside while the outside is highlighted” To that end, they have created a dual purpose liquid lipstick which not only beautifies the exterior but also the interior with their good-for-you ingredients.

Highlight Cosmetics matte liquid lipsticks ($25) have a natural infusion of turmeric, green tea, white tea, and sea kelp that give the lips a soft and smooth finish. Tumeric Safflower oil contains proteins and minerals and Vitamins E and C are soothing to the lips.

There are 10 different shades including five metallics. They are matte, long lasting, water resistant and non-transferable. These liquid lipsticks are surprisingly comfortable to wear, though you do need to let it ‘set’ for a minute or two. These matte liquid lipsticks are perfect for over 40 women!

I was send Sandstone Cashmere, a peachy nude. This baby holds up through my two cups of morning tea without fading, cracking or generally disappearing. It also wears evenly so no ring around the lips. Highlight Liquid Lipsttics gives great opaque coverage in just one coat. Unfortunately, I feel Sandstone Cashmere does wash me out a bit, however I do have extremely pale lips. For someone with a little natural color on their lips, this would make a lovely matte nude.



Bottom Line: if you’re looking for a long lasting, comfortable matte lipstick, give Highlight Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipsticks!