Immunocologie – Cutting Edge Technology in Skincare

Immunocologieis the first ever skincare formulation to work in cooperation with the skin’s immune system. This is breakthrough technology beauties! A special Bio-Technical fermentation process called Bioferm makes Immunocologie products recognizable to the immune system of the skin. The science behind Immunocologie is linked to Hungarian biochemist Albert Szent-Györki, the Nobel Prize winner who discovered Vitamin C. His process, Bioferm is the foundation for Immunocologie which was 40 years in the making! This process allows for better penetration to the epidermis of the skin. I won’t bore you with the science, you can read more here.

Immunocologie Line Smoothing Treatment Serum is a firming and perfecting concentrated serum designed to be used morning and evening under any other treatments. It is very lightweight, with a thin almost watery consistency. It absorbs into the skin quickly with no residue–you can feel the tightening immediately, but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable like a few other firming serums I’ve tried. I also like the fact that there doesn’t be seem to be any silicone in the serum–silicone tends to “sit on top” therefore not absorbing well. While I don’t mind silicone in primers because it fills in the lines and wrinkles, I don’t want them in my skincare products.  There is a nice fragrance that does not linger if you’re sensitive to scents. 

The packaging is thoughtful in that it is designed to keep the product fresh. Housed in a violet glass bottle to keep the ingredients stable, it has an eye-dropper type applicator which is common in products that contain Vitamin C. There is absolutely no stinging or irritation like I have experience with some serums.

Key ingredients include:

Alpine Rose, Apple Pectin, Bamboo–a powerful trio of stem cells that stimulates new cell duplication 

Basilim–an antioxidant and growth factor derived from basil–hence, the nice smell 🙂

Immunocologie is the first skincare product to combine stem cells and growth factors. What does this mean to you? It means that this serum is chock full of anti-aging, firming and brightening ingredients that will be effective. This has quickly become a favorite of mine. I love serums for us over 40 women because it gives our skin the extra boost it needs–whether it be for firming, sun damage, wrinkles, brightening or a plethora of other over 40 ills. Line Smoothing Treatment Serum is designed to firm, improve skin’s texture, diminish brown spots and provide that “lit from within” radiance we over 40 so desperately want back. I’ve been using the serum for about 3-4 weeks with a few interruptions to test other products. Sometimes I don’t notice a significant change in my skin until I stop using the product which was the case with this serum.  It wasn’t until I stopped using it for a bit that I noticed my skin looking a bit dull and not as fresh. I can really feel the firming properties working too. I love the addition of this serum to my skincare routine and will continue to use it. Hmmm, maybe the ‘lit from within’ look really does come from inside.

Science and cutting edge technology does have it price and a bottle of Immunocologie Line Smoothing Treatment Serum will set you back $175. You only need a tiny bit so the bottle will last a long time, but just be aware of sticker shock.

Immunocologie has an entire line of cleansers, moisturizers and masks in addition to the line smoothing treatment. Available at and Clyde’s in NYC.