I Heart Gerda Spillmann and Prestige Cell

While at IMATS I stopped by the Gerda Spillmann booth to check out the Bio-Fond foundation I had been hearing so much about. I soon became fascinated with another product that had nothing to do with foundation. I blame this lack of focus on my CADD—Cosmetic Attention Deficit Disorder or as it’s also called DBATDWCOS (distracted by anything to do with cosmetics or skincare). 

In my defense, the people at the booth were demonstrating the newly formulated Prestige Cell Replenishing Day and Night Cream. So many people to blame, but I have enough to spread around. Now, before I talk about this fabulous anti-aging powerhouse, I want to tell you a little bit about Gerda Spillmann herself.  I love hearing stories about women who have succeeded in business. If there is one thing I have learned in my 50’s it’s that you have the power to reinvent yourself and that nothing is beyond your reach if you patiently and diligently work towards it. I find Madame Spillmann’s story to be very inspirational.

Madame Gerda Spillmann has been the undisputed first lady of Swiss skin care since 1944. The path to her prominence, however, has been a long and difficult one. Granted, the obstacles to any business’s success are many, even today those obstacles are multiplied for a woman.

Sixty-two years ago in Zurich, it was not only difficult but socially unacceptable for an enterprising young woman to start a business. It was, essentially against the law for a woman to own and operate a business. At that time a woman was required to have special permission from the Swiss government. Given the social norms of the time, such permission was rarely even sought, much less granted. Yet after many attempts, Madame Spillmann was finally allowed to bring the skin-care products she had long researched and developed to the marketplace.

Even after receiving official sanctions the problems for a woman doing business in Switzerland were inherent. Social scorn, the utter impossibility of credit, the historical and deeply ingrained prejudices against women in business would have spelled failure to a person with anything less than the forceful perseverance of Gerda Spillmann. Her determination, however, was born of adversity at an early age and by the time she decided to start a business, skin care had become her life. Her belief in her dream was unshakable.

That is one strong lady I admire! Rock On Madame Spillman!

As a beauty blogger I try lots of new products. As an over 40 beauty blogger I try tons of skincare. Skincare is much harder to review than cosmetics because everyone’s skin is different and because unlike cosmetics, it takes several weeks to see results and more often than not the difference (if there is any) is subtle. The skeptic in me is in full force when I read some of the ridiculous claims skincare brands make.  I’ve become jaded– it takes a lot to impress me and it’s rare that I like a skincare product immediately.

Therefore, I was totally taken aback when I rubbed the newly formulated Prestige Cell Replenishing Day and Night Cream into to back of my hand. It immediately felt rich and luxurious but not greasy. Having combination skin can be difficult (I’m glad I only experience it in the summer). Spending time getting windblown on the boat, walking in the sun and standing for hours in front of a campfire are things I enjoy doing in the summer but my skin rebels by drying out–but only in certain areas. My T-zone insists on staying oily while the rest of my skin is parched. It’s not fun.

Prestige Cell fixed all that. It has an amazing ability to self adjust to my skin. Remember my statement about skincare companies making outrageous claims? Gerda Spillmann Prestige Cell doesn’t even claim to balance skin, but it does and for me that’s the best thing about it! My skin has NEVER been so hydrated, soft and supple. The first few days of using it I literally walked around caressing my cheeks–I know it’s weird but my skin felt so velvety and my was skin moist all day! I’m no scientist so I don’t why Prestige Cell works so I will rely on the company to help me explain.

Prestige Cell Replenishing Day and Night Cream is formulated with pharmaceutical grade Swiss ingredients:

  • Pink Rock Rose
  • 5 Leaf Extract
  • Swiss Edelweiss
  • Beet Root Extract
  • Tamarind See Extract

Tamarind Seed extract has been found to outperform Hyaluronic Acid in both skin moisturization and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. It is naturally rich in skin boosting nutrients and has been found to include many anti-aging factors such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Sugar Enzymes, Citric Bitartrate and Collagen Fibers. Another skincare line that uses Tamarind see is JUARA and I like that line too but I don’t find it as effective as GS. The other thing Prestige Cell manages to do that no other moisturizer has done for me is to help firm my skin. Really, I notice a difference after a month! Slight yes, but it’t there.

The texture is rich and thick, it leaving my skin plump and hydrated. I’ve been using this twice a day for about a month and really love it. This is one of the few moisturizers I can use at night and not wake up with an oil slick on my forehead in the morning. It absorbs FULLY! I can also use it during the day (in the summer) without getting super shiny by midday. Prestige Cell has honestly worked magic on my skin. Using it as my day and night time moisturizer along with my regular skincare regimen and weekly exfoliation has my skin looking bright, clear, hydrated and healthy. All skin types will be able to tolerate this moisturizer, including sensitive skin. There is a strong scent that dissipates fairly quickly but since I use it as my night cream, the scent does linger on my pillowcase. If you are sensitive to fragrance, this may be a concern for you.

Prestige Cell is paraben free, mineral oil free, and does not test on animals. All Gerda Spillmann products have received the Swiss Crossbow of Excellence. Prestige Cell retails for $129 at www.gerdaspillmann.com

Bottom Line: a superb long lasting hydrating moisturizer with powerful anti-aging ingredients ideal for women over 40. Pricey at $129 but the jar should last 6-9 months. If you are sensitive to fragrance, you may need to look elsewhere.

Prime Beauty Grade: A

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  1. You had me at anti-aging….. Sounds like a great cream. I’m lucky enough that Oil of Olay does a great job for me overnight but I’ve yet to find a day cream I like.

  2. Gerda Spillman is a great company that is too often overlooked. The BioFond foundation is great for long wear.