Has Photoshopping Gone Too Far?

For me the answer is a resounding YES! These pictures of are of the 49 year old Demi Moore, brand spokesperson for Helena Rubinstein in their newest campaign photoshopped to within an inch of her life! Not only does she look 25 years younger, she doesn’t even look like she did at 25!  Her strong jawline is gone, her cheeks are so chistled they’re nearly concave! If you look closely, even her ears aren’t in the same place! Granted the photo on the left is not retouched but obviously someone got a little carried away!

Demi looks more like a Patrick Nagel painting than herself. What are your thoughts? Has photoshopping gone too far? Demi is still a beautfiul woman, she doesn’t need to be turned into a lab created Fembot!  No wonder women feel bad about themsleves, they are striving for a perfection that doesn’t exist.

  • I didn’t even recognise the photo on the right until someone told me who it was. I can’t believe she authorised this – it’s ridiculous. I am the same age as her and although I accept photos will be touched up, I want to look at an ad and think that if I bought their product, I might look like a better version of myself. Not like someone 20 years younger who isn’t even me – because that WOULD be impossible!

    • cindy

      I totally agree!

  • I will never understand the thinking behind hiring a celebrity ‘face’ and then photoshopping it to the extent that it is no longer recognisable. I wouldn’t have recognised this as Demi – it looks more computer generated than human.

  • It’s hard to believe any celebrity would agree with this level of photoshopping, but seeing the growing number of unrecognizable celebs in ads (yes, I mean you Madonna!) they obviously do.

    How long before they scare us with their real looks when you run into them on the streets?

    • cindy

      Haha good point, Daisy!

  • I never would have known who it was if you hadn’t said. It’s ludicrous and no small wonder normal people find it hard to age gracefully. Shame on Hollywood!!

  • Melissa

    Good grief! I wouldn’t have known that was Demi Moore in the picture on the right if you hadn’t said! It looks nothing like her, which to me is sad really. She’s a quite beautiful woman. I totally agree that photoshopping has generally gone too far. I mean really….did they NEED to move her ears?? No. I will say that I do like that some companies-Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, for example-are pushing back against this trend and encouraging women of all shapes, sizes, and ages to love their bodies.

    • cindy

      I agree. I would love to see a backlash and have things move the other way–no retouching!

  • Joanna

    This is mind boggling. Why should any authorise this. Photoshop has indeed gone a bit to far. Honestly if it was for a company product I would not purchase at all.

    • cindy

      I totally agree. After all isn’t it false advertising? The product can’t possibly give us the effect of photoshop!!

  • I’d been thinking about this very subject. I look at women every day and some of them totally don’t buy into needing to look younger than they are, and I’m heartened by that. We each adjust as we age according to our comfort – and maintenance! – levels. As for Photoshopping – as Daisy said, the reality may be frightening compared to the expectation!