Grape Expectations – Davi Skincare
Intro & Review

I recently had the opportunity to try two unusual skincare products. Davi is a unique new line of luxury skincare specially formulated to help in the fight against aging, in addition to promoting the overall health and well being of your skin.  How is this unusual?  Because Davi was created by Carlo Mondavi (grandson of famous winemaker Robert Mondavi) and Davi skincare incorporates the unique by-products of the winemaking process with the latest technology to create skincare products unlike any other. After extensive research and collaboration with scientists at UC Davis, Carlo confirmed the immense antioxidant health benefits of fermented grape extracts, pommace and the grape itself.  At the heart of Davi is an anti-aging antioxidant complex called Meritage, a unique blend of grape and fermented wine extracts, combined with green tea, rosemary, and raspberry, black currant, bilberry and olive leaf extracts. Created through a double fermentation process, Meritage is preserved in the formula until it is applied onto the skin and stays active on the skin longer than other conventionally created products.

 The Davi Skincare line for women includes:  

  • Le Grand Cru- a treatment providing intense hydration.
  •  Vine Fresh SPF 30 lotion
  • Moscato Purifying Cleanser
  • Harvest Mist Toner

I was given Vine Fresh SPF 30 Lotion and Moscato Purifying Cleanser to try. The first thing I noticed about these products was they indeed have the look and feel of luxury. They immediately reminded me of something you would find in a five-star luxury hotel or a high end spa. The Moscato Purifying Cleanser is very creamy and rich, lathers well and smells heavenly!  It has a nice consistency, and a little goes a long way; a pea size amount is all you need for your entire face. It’s gentle, does not strip my skin or dry it out. It is formulated with glycerin, a coconut derived emollient and grapeseed oil along with the proprietary Meritage anti-aging complex.

 The Vine Fresh SPF 30 Lotion is also rich. It’s a bit thicker than what I’m used to but it absorbs quickly and feels light. It hydrates my skin all day without my T-zone getting shiny. I hate…..shiny!  I love the fact that this moisturizer has an SPF of 30. I won’t use any moisturizer that does not have an SPF under 25 anymore. I could use a separate sunscreen but I’m basically lazy and don’t want to take the extra time or effort 🙂  For my normal to dry skin, this was the ideal amount of moisture, it may not be moisturizing enough for very dry skin.

Packaging: the cleanser is a typical tube, the lotion is packaged in a pump bottle which I always prefer

 Quality: made with the same quality standards of Mondavi wine, hand picked grapes are used in the process. Looks and feels luxurious

Overall: I’m impressed! The products perform and are easy to use

Grade: A-

 As you can imagine, a luxury brand like Davi is usually beyond my budget, but good news Beauties! Davi will be offered at a special VIP beauty event on starting tomorrow, April 7th! This sale is a good ‘un beauties–about ¼ of regular prices! If you’re not signed up with, do it now!

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