Frugal Friday with Duri Divas Only!

Hi Everyone!  My name is Jeanie from Midnight Manicures.  Cindy was nice enough to let me show off one of  the new polishes I received recently.  Although Divas Only is new to me, it’s been around since 2010 and was part of the Duri Paparazzi Collection.  My friend Rhonni, who is part owner of Ninja Polish told me this was a must have, I’m so glad I listened.

Duri Nail Polish Divas Only Midnight Manicures 2


Divas Only is a purple/green duochrome, the flash of colors with this polish is amazing.  At times, I’ve even seen a little flash of pink, which was hard to capture but easy to see in person.  I could have gotten away with using 2 coats, but opted for 3 since the polish runs a little on the thinner side, I wanted to make sure I captured it at it’s best.  The brush on this polish is amazing, it’s a little wider than some but not as wide as an OPI brush.  I used a base coat of Seche Clear and topped everything with a coat of Seche Vite.

Duri Nail Polish Divas Only Midnight Manicures 3

Duri Nail Polish Divas Only Midnight Manicures 4


Here’s a close up pic to show you how pretty the polish really is.  Many people compare this to Zoya Adina, and I do see some similarities, but they really aren’t exact, I’m glad I have both.  Divas Only and other Duri Nail Polishes are available on the Duri Cosmetics or Ninja Polish websites for $6 each.

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  1. Great review. Jeanie always has perfect nail shots. Beautiful polish.