Frugal Friday – Summer Scents Under $15!


Remember this girl? Even the non reality-obsessed public are aware of the American Idol finale competition. Yes, it’s Jordin Sparks, the great American Idol winner from 2007.  AM New York has broken nine season’s worth of champs down to the most impressive post-Idol careers and Jordin Sparks ranks in the TOP THREE.  The season 6 superstar has since appeared on Broadway and bottled her creative ‘juices’ into a ‘rockin’ signature fragrance – “Because of You.”  Looks like Scotty McCreery has pretty big shoes to fill.  
The scent was named “Because Of You” in honor of her fans. The fruity floriental scent represents Jordin’s young and vibrant personality. With top notes of clementine, orange blossom and white imperial currant, the splashy scent blends mid notes of nectarine, orchid and coral charm peony with a base of sheer musk, vanilla bean, Baltic amber and blonde woods.

The shocking pink color of the bottle is a bit reminiscent of the 80’s. “I wanted a very holdable bottle with a girly look that catches the eye,” said the songstress of the dewy scent, which will be marketed to the 16 to 30 female demographic at an affordable $14.95 price tag. Jordin shared with WWD, “When I was starting this project, I really wanted it to be affordable. I looked at some other celebrity fragrances, and they were like $80. Even now, I look at a fragrance that’s $80, and I can’t bring myself to spend that much. In this economy especially, my fans deserve a high-quality, reasonably priced scent.” Makes sense since it is marketed to her fans. She also  insists that the fragrance be available through mass merchants, like Kmart, WalMart, Sears, Dots Stores, Rainbow Stores and

The scent is a bit sweet for me, but it does dry down to reveal more of the musk and amber. Obviosuly I wouldn’t call this a fine fragrance, however I know when my daughter was a cheerleader in high school and a soroity in college we were forever searching for “little sister,” “secret pal,” and surprise gifts–sometimes for several times a year and for more than one person so a inexpensive fragrance by a teen idol would have been ideal.

Another affordable scent being offered this summer is Adidas Pure Lightness ($12.99)  A great fragrance for women on-the-go, and is perfect for sports or day activities. Top notes are succulent melon and red apple; middle notes are heady jasmine, lovely magnolia, violet and innocent lily-of-the-valley; grounded in a light musk base.

Summer has us doing outdoor activities like hiking, camping, swimming, boating, etc. While I love these outdoor pursuits, the first thing I want to do when I come inside is take a shower. I love camping and hate smelling like a campfire. There is nothing as refreshing in the hot summertime after a shower like a body spray. I keep mine in the fridge for an extra cooling effect. Tattooed by Inky just launched five body sprays inspired by self-expressive body art–i.e.; tattoos. These are targeted to a young, hip and trendy audience, but like the Irish Spring Lady says….and I like them too!

There are five distinctive fragrances; two for men, two for women and one unisex.

MONKEY BUSINESS (male) for the smart, funny, non-nonsense guy with a lovable bad boy streak. Has a bold blend of leather, lavender, pepper and sandalwood. My friend JoeyBunny from PinkSith might like this, and Joey is a SHE not a HE.

DARKO (male) for the strong, enigmatic and fiery guy with an elemental blend of spices, mush and precious woods. Sounds like my BF except for the fiery part–he’s more like a puppy dog.

A MI AMOUR (female)vividly captures all your loving feelings of passion and romance with a complex blend of white florals, vanilla and amber. WOW! no wonder I like this one! I’m a hopeless romantic with white florals and vanilla some of my favorite notes.

SUDDEN FREEDOM (female)for the confident, vibrant and independant woman who reaches for the stars and inspires others to do the same. A fresh and feminine bouguet of aquatic florals, pink jasmine adn warm rosewood, this scent innately captures your charismatic spirit and style. I want to try this one next!

KOI (unisex) for the easy going, colorful personality and affectionate nature who also has a resilient strenght and courage of convictions. An intricate blend of radiant citrus, ginger and the warmth of patchouli, Koi shows off your many sides.

These are lightly fragranced, and last longer than I expected them to, but still it IS a body spray not a fine fragrance. They’re fun, feel cool on a summer day and are only $5.99 each! Another great small gift choice, available at Target!

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  1. I rarely go to Target – I was just there – but your writeup/review of the white floral makes me want it – cheesy as the packaging is! The pink jasmine sounds good, too!