Frugal Friday – Pixi Nude Wardrobe Set


I purchased the Pixi Simply Nude Set for 30% off which was only $29 from the Pixi website. The Simply Nude Set came with the Nude Wardrobe Palette, Lash Booster Mascara, Eye Bright Primer and a Tinted Brilliance Balm.  Okay, Judy McJudgster, I know what you’re thinking–“$26 isn’t so frugal.” Here me out, Pixi has lots of  great products available at Target and are regularly on sale. And…..The Nude Wardrobe, being reviewed here retails for $26 but you can get 20% off the Pixi Cosmetics website with code PIXITWENTY.  So there! I don’t know when the code expires.

The Nude Wardrobe is an 18 shade palette for eyes and cheeks packed full of natural tones–you KNOW what a sucker I am for neutrals!  The nine shades on the left are meant to be swirled together to add a pretty pinky peach natural glow to the cheeks. The texture is very soft–almost too soft. When I swirl with my Sigma duo fiber brush into the blush shades, a lot of  ‘dust’ is left sitting on top.  Not only does it make a mess, but I can see going through the product very quickly. The color payoff is okay, but nothing spectacular. I do like to use this on top of a cream blush to help the cream last longer and to give a little extra pop.

The right side of the palette contains 9 shimmery and matte eye shadows with okay pigment. I was surprised to find the shadows to be very sheer because they appear color rich in the palette. I was also skeptical upon opening the palette because the shadows looked too shimmery but they do not translate that way on the lids–very nice and sheer. The shades range from vanilla to deep cocoa and there are some real winners in the bunch. The bronze shade in the center is lovely, as well as the copper shade in the center of the bottom row. Oh, and let’s not forget the pretty plummy taupe in the upper top right corner. They do blend well and are well coordinated,  however they are very sheer even with a primer (I used Urban Decay Eden) they did fade on me during the day. I applied my makeup at 6AM and by 1PM the color had faded considerably.


Overall Thoughts: Sorry this is a short review.  I’m just not impressed with the Pixi Nude Shade Wardrobe. I’m disappointed too because it looks pretty in the pan, the packaging is cute and it’s readily available at Target. All of that doesn’t make up for lack of pigment and fading.

Prime Beauty Grade: C  

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