Frugal Friday – Physician’s Formula Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Blush

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Physician’s Formula Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Blush ($11.99) is part of Physician’s Formula Spring 2013 line and includes two Sexy Glow Blushes, Natural and Rose and two bronzers in Light Bronzer and Bronzer.

What a nice surprise this fun, gorgeous blush is! The packaging is so upscale for a drugstore product, it could easily be mistaken for Benefit or Too Faced. It even has a compartment for a brush and a mirror. Fishnets, stilettos and a silver charm adorning the closure, who could resist?

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I’ll admit I picked up this blush solely for the packaging but I got a bonus when I read all the ingredients! One  of them is called HORNY GOATWEED. Not. Even. Kidding. What the heck is it?  It’s derived from ancient Chinese medicine and claims to be an aphrodisiac for men and women. Ooh la la! Physician’s Formula also claims there are clinically tested pheromone-mimicking ingredients in this formula. So does that mean I can hook a boyfriend if I wear this blush? Perhaps, but I’m not really sure HORNY GOATWEED is the way to attract a quality man, capice?

Rose is a pale pink shimmery shade, with the shoe being a deeper color and blended together you arrive at a medium  pink shimmery blush. It has a very silky smooth texture and  a very nice (PF touts it as seductive) vanilla and musk  fragrance. PF also says they have included cocoa extract (the “love chemical”). I couldn’t detect a cocoa smell, but maybe I’m too old and my sniffer is going out? While I wouldn’t say this blush pigment dense, it is buildable.

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PF blushes are also all hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, paraben free and gluten free. Available at drugstores nationwide.

Bottom Line: a pretty and affordable blush with darling packaging. The shimmer is not over the top, the lasting power is good, I do wish it had a bit more pigment though.

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  1. I love the looks of it but I won’t wear PF’s powder products anymore because of the fragrance. Oh well. I’ll save my PF money for their awesome eyeliners instead.