Frugal Friday – Paula’s Choice Lip and Body Treatment Balm

My new friend and guest blogger, Patty is an amazing woman and true makeup connoisseur with very discerning taste. I am thrilled that she agreed to guest blog for me. She was also my hostess for my recent Calif. trip and I felt like I was staying at a hotel. Martha Stewart has nothin’ on Patty! 
This stuff is truly the balm (or is it the bomb)!  Okay, poor attempt at humor, but Paula hit a home run in my book with this product.
I wouldn’t call myself a huge Paula Begoun devotee, but I have purchased many of her products over the years.  Nothing either wowed me enough to repurchase, or problems I was attempting to solve (acne) weren’t frequent enough to ever have the need to repurchase anything.  I recently purchased several items from her Resist Anti-Aging line (wonderful products, worthy of a separate, future review) and was a few dollars away from free shipping.  I searched the site for something inexpensive and found this – at $10.95 it was perfect.  As I put it into my shopping cart, I read a few of the on-line reviews and started to get excited over such a well received product!
My order came a few days later and I immediately starting using Lip and Body Treatment Balm on my lips at night.  I was really happy wtih the soft, smooth lips I woke up with each morning.  I quickly retired my current lip balm and started using this several times throughout the day.  Before I hopped in the shower, before I went to the gym, a couple more times during the day and finally before going to sleep at night.  I live in a warm/hot, dry climate and my lips tend to be on the dry side.  I’m also a “lip chewer” due to nerves, and this has helped the texture of my lips immensely.
The texture is a little bit more firm than some other lip balms.  Since I have longer nails, I scrape the back side of my nail across the balm then apply to my lips using my fingertip.  It melts right in and isn’t so goopy that I can’t apply liner or other lip products immediately after.  I typically don’t apply right before other lip products, but if I do, a light blotting is sufficient.
Since this is also called a “Body Treatment Balm”, it’s only right that I touch on that at least a bit.  It’s a decent size for a lip balm, but quite small for a body balm!  I have used this frequently on my cuticles, elbows and the backs of my hands.  It is rich and moisturizing, but given it’s thicker texture, a little bit doesn’t go far.  I typically save it for the areas that would benefit from the concentration, then add a regular body lotion or hand cream on top, ensuring the balmy goodness was reserved for the body parts most needing the moisture!
Paula’s Choice products can be purchased on-line at  The Lip and Body Treatment Balm is $10.95USD for 1/2 ounce of product.  The site runs frequent specials as well as free and/or reduced-rate shipping.  It’s time for me to place another PC order for more products from the Resist line, and I’m considering adding 2-3 additional Lip and Body Treatment Balms to keep in my various purses!—Patty
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  1. I saw Patty use this over and over during our California trip plus heard her many raves about this. Sounds like a winner.

  2. Great review, Patty!

  3. I tried this when we were in California and I ordered it first thing when I got home!

  4. flowergardener says:

    I have this and love it also. I also use it on my cuticles when they are in bad shape