Frugal Friday- Maybelline Color Whisper Lipsticks


One of my New Year’s resolutions was to institute a moratorium on lipsticks and/or lip glosses for a few months. I have so many I can’t even keep track and obviously they don’t all get used–some just sit in a drawer. I did a little research for this post and I hate to admit it, but I stopped counting at 120. That did not include the ones in my desk drawer at work, my purse or my guest bathroom. By now you’re probably wondering why I’m doing a post on a product I have a moratorium on. Weeeelll, you guessed it, my moratorium lasted 9 days. I’m going to blame it on you,  my readers. Just this month Maybelline introduced Color Whisper Lipstick in twenty shades for Spring 2013! How could not pick up a few to report back to you? Inquiring minds need to know and you beauties NEED to know about new products right? You’re welcome.

2013-01-05 03.47.02 (480x360)

Besides all that,  my local Walgreen’s was having a BOGOH sale (buy one get one half off).  Now I don’t know if I just wasn’t into shopping that day (rare but it does happen) or I was tired but I had a hard finding two out of 20 shades I wanted. Probably just an off day. I ended up with #30 Pin Up Peach and #20 Mocha Muse. Color Whisper is Maybelline’s answer to Revlon’s Lip butters (love). A hybrid lipstick with a lightweight balm-like feel. Color Whisper gives good coverage with just one swipe, glides on easily and feels VERY lightweight on the lips. These are sheer but buildable so if you’re looking for the coverage of a regular lipstick, you might be disappointed. Personally I don’t mind since you can build the intensity with more coats. They are also really hydrating,  more so than their Revlon counterparts, Lip Butters. They are glossy but definitely not high shine like a liquid lipstick or gloss. They provide a smooth finish even on dry lips and because they are so hydrating they don’t accentuate lip lines too much. More good news beauties, these don’t bleed into lip lines! My only complaint is that I have to reapply after about 2 hours so certainly not long wearing. Those two hours did include drinking tea and eating a donut though 🙂 My friend Marcia from Beauty Info Zone is going to go crazy for these!

2013-01-10 06.50.55 (480x360)

Pin Up Peach is a misleading name for this fabulous color. It’s much more of a pinky coral (on me at least) that really brightens up my pale face without shouting–get it, whispering not shouting–heh heh. Love, love this shade! I didn’t have high hopes for Mocha Muse as I don’t do well with nudish shades but I really like this one. It’s a soft  peach nude with a beige undertone–would look great with a tan or with a bold eye.

2013-01-10 06.52.51 (360x480)

2013-01-10 06.54.01 (480x360)

Bottom Line: Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick has good coverage, great hydration, fabo price. I wish these had SPF but still an all-round great product. If you like über lightweight, sheer lipsticks with a lovely balm texture, get thee to thy drugstore! I’d like to try more colors–there was a really great berry shade that I’ll probably do back and get–Berry Ready maybe? Retails for $7.49 each at all major drugstores

Have you tried Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick yet?

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  1. Heather USA (rosie areola) says:

    I think these are a really great option for “prime” beauties! They’re not overly pigmented and they have a nice finish to them. Not to mention they have HEAPS of colors in the range!

  2. Oh so here you go tempting me!! I looked at them briefly at the drugstore and now I’ll go back, sheer and light is tempting to me. Don’t waste your money on the Revlon Suede lipsticks – my upcoming review isn’t flattering about them at all.

  3. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    Interesting that Marcia didn’t like the Revlon Suedes…I have a friend that said the very same thing: drying and made her lips flaky.
    I periodically declare a moratorium on buying anymore makeup, lipcolor, blah blah blah…but we both know that’s just a BIG lie, right? 😉
    So, I’m going to give these a go!

  4. Girl, please tell me that the pile of lipsticks is just one drawer….otherwise, I might really have a problem. Hmmm…both of these lipsticks you swatched are beautiful. I hope I have them. I’ve purchased a couple but they’re in my box to photograph this week. But if I don’t have the ones you swatched, I do believe I’ll be getting them too. And then I’ll lay off the lipsticks. 🙂 and the eyeshadows…

    • Yep one drawer. That doesn’t include the drawer in my guest bathroom, my desk drawer at work, my purse.

  5. I’ve managed to avoid these beauties…till now! I’m pretty sure I need the Mocha, even just for “swatching purposes” for my blog…lol
    Great review, thanks!

  6. I loved revlon lip butters and if these lippies are even more hydrating than those, I have to get my hands on them. Thanks for the great review!

  7. I just tried one of these lipsticks and am loving it too. I just have to stop buying anything “lip” anymore too. I have so much lipstick, but gloss, for me, is where it is totally out of control. I can’t go into a department store, Sephora or even CVS without coming home with another. It has to stop!

  8. Guh. I’m loving both of those shades! I have a feeling That mocha one will look awesome with my NC42 ish skin!
    Added to the list of lippies I don’t need!
    Ill def be picking that baby up!

    • Also, I’ve heard great things about Berry Ready! The swatches look mighty nice as well. Apparently it’s very build able, and even leaves a slight stain behind!