Frugal Friday- mark Very Sassy Eau de Parfum Spray & Body Lotion

While I may be no Ashley Green, I do like to think I’m Sassy. I think my friends, family, teachers, neighbors and most of the men in my life would agree…probably too much so. I think they may use other terms like–bossy, sarcastic or smart-mouthed. I prefer Sassy. Coy, demure, shy is definitely NOT me and not most modern women. The sign that hangs in my office  says it all– “I’m not bossy, I just have better ideas.”

Thankfully mark has created a fragrance for the Sassy woman appropriately named Very Sassy that is not too heavy or the opposite– sweetly saccharine.  Notes of  fruity black currant, floral yellow jasmine and earthy musk would please Goldilocks too because Very Sassy is juuuuust right. I’m kind of surprised Avon marketed this scent with Ashley Greene in the mark division because it is not what I would consider a “teen” scent.  The fruity part–black currant is a nice change from so many citrus fruits used in fragrances. The sweetness of the jasmine is tempered by the deep warm musk notes.  The combination of fruity, floral and warm notes gives this juice a  more womanly sophisticated spin than most celebrity-type scents.

Very Sassy is supposed to be  “amped up for lasting impact.” The eau de parfum didn’t last a long time on me, that’s why I like to layer it with the Very Sassy body lotion. The body lotion has a softer version of the fragrance too that I like. Anyway, layering the two make to scent last longer and the body lotion is quite good at hydrating too.

At only $30 for the Very Sassy EdP  and $14 for the body lotion, this is an inexpensive fragrance that doesn’t smell cheap inexpensive.

How cute are these fragrance pencils? The Fragrance Hits is a set of 3 fragrance pencils in the scents Celebrate,  Jewel and new Very Sassy for $16. Just “draw” the pencils on pulse points!  A perfect stocking stuffer or one of 8 Hanukkah gifts!!

Bottom Line: If you like a soft and SASSY scent, Very Sassy by mark is for you or a lucky recipient!


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