Frugal Friday – Marc Anthony Easy Lites







Marc Anthony is a genius. He has created a quick, easy and mess-free way to get salon quality, sun kissed highlights at home in only two steps. See? Genius! No more stupid caps, crochet hooks and messy application. All you need is Easy Lites Spray and a flat iron!

When I received this kit I had just had my hair colored so I gave it to my co-worker to try. She was in -between coloring appointments and needed some touch up done on her fading highlights.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Easy Lites Instant Highlighting Spray
  • Plastic gloves (provided in kit)
  • Flat Iron (recommended 350-450ºF)
  • A fine tooth or tail comb


 And here’s how it works:

Step 1 – On clean dry hair, select 1-3 sections of hair at a time to highlight (1/4-1/2 inch sections work best). Spray Easy Lites on each section. Use your fingers or a tail comb to weave and select multiple sections.

Step 2 – Using a heated flat iron (min. 350°) pass the flat iron over the sprayed sections 5-7 times and watch the highlights appear. It is normal to see steam and hear a slight hissing sound while the heat passes over the product until fully dry.

You can also do all-over highlighting, although only light brown, dark blonde and lighter hair colors are recommended. After shampooing and conditioning, spray thoroughly and evenly all over towel dried hair from roots to ends, then blow dry and style as usual. Don’t forget the underneath sections). For maximum lightening, use a flat iron or curling iron when styling. Hair will continue to lighten with each use and may be repeated 3-5 times until you achieve your desired shade.

Here are my co-worker’s thoughts:


  • highlighting is instant so you have control to add as many highlights as you want
  • the color is very natural–it blended with her salon highlights completely
  • no brassiness
  • it was extremely easy to use and came with thorough instructions. Quote “It’s as easy to use as hairspray.”
  • directions stated to pass the flat iron 5-7  times, but she saw results with just 3 passes
  • can do it yourself-with caps and other systems you need two people. Because the sections are so small even doing the back of your head is a piece of cake!


  • There is a slight peroxide smell that lingers
  • it expires in 30 days. Even if you have left over solution, you will need to repurchase if it has been over 30 days.

Bottom Line:  Marc Anthony Easy Lites is a safe, easy and effective way to get natural, at-home highlights for a fraction of the cost of a salon.  Create just a few highlights around your hairline, more highlights throughout, or even all over full hair lightening; you are your own stylist with this revolutionary product. The more often you use it, the lighter your highlights. Plus, its formula – with Chamomile Flower and Fruit Blend Extracts – leaves hair nourished, healthy and full of shine.

 Marc Anthony products can be found at Rite aid, CVS Pharmacy, Duane Reade, Harmon Stores, HEB and Ulta. If you are in Canada, they are having a great offer right now–  Buy Easy-Lites™ Instant Highlighting Spray and Dream Waves™ Beach Spray for only $19.95 and $5.99 S&H.

P.S.-Check out my post on the Marc Anthony Beach Waves System!

  • Sounds easy. With the price of highlights I can understand why this is a great buy.

  • Tristy

    It does work on black hair!(: I tried it at home and it turns black hair into a reddish/light brownish color, and it looks great!