Review: Lumene Vitamin C+ Illuminating Anti-Age BB Cream

2013-01-20 05.19.45 (360x480)If you haven’t heard of BB creams yet, you must have been living on the moon. For those of you with addresses like 9702 Crater Drive, The Moon, here is anexplanation of BB creams.  BB creams originated in Asia and made it over to the US a few years ago. Now it seems everyone has a BB cream from luxury to drugstore brands. Hence, when the Lumene Vitamin C+ Illuminating Anti-Age BB Cream arrived on my doorstep I wasn’t too excited. I’ve tried a lot of BB creams and most of the drugstore brands are lacking in my opinion.

The one thing that did intrigue me was the addition of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to help  even skin tone, brighten, reduce hyperpigmentation and is generally a friend to the over 40 woman. Many of Lumene’s products contain Arctic Cloudberry, an age-defying seed that protects and strengthens the skin. Cloudberries contain twice as much Vitamin C as oranges. I’m very excited about the addition of this ingredient.

Lumene Vitamin C+ Illuminating Anti-Age BB Cream made it’s debut at CVS recently. It promises to hydrate, brighten, cover imperfections, even skin tone and improve elasticity for a more youthful look. It also contains an SPF of 20.

This BB cream is slightly thicker than most other drugstore brands I’ve tried and I like that because it offers more coverage, something I need at my age. Still, it feels very lightweight and hydrating on the skin. It is not full coverage but it does cover the light redness on my chin, and any small imperfections I have so it is not as sheer as most BB creams. The finish is semi-matte but slightly dewy. I know that sounds like an oxy-moron, but the illuminating claim holds true, creating a nice radiant quality.

2013-01-20 05.20.33 (480x360)

It’s too early to tell if there are any benefits to the Vitamin C in this formula with long term use but one can hope!

There are only two shade choices,  light and medium. Light is a great match for me but I would like to see more shades made available.

Bottom Line: If you like a luminous finish, good coverage and a lightweight texture, Lumene Vitamin C+ Illuminating Anti-Age BB Cream is definitely worth a try, especially for us over 40 beauties!

Lumene can be found at CVS, Ulta, Duane Reade and select retailers nationwide. Lumene Vitamin C+ Illuminating Anti-Age BB Cream retails between $14.99 and $16.99.