Frugal Friday – Jordana Best Lash Extreme Mascara

Guest Post by Marcia from Beauty Info Zone.

If you are willing to take a chance on a $3 mascara then I have one that you might like. Jordana BEST Lash Extreme seems to be one of those “your mileage may vary” products. I first learned of it on a beauty chatroom when someone raved about it being better than any high end mascara she’d ever bought. So of course a slew of us bought the mascara.

Once we tried it we found that you either loved it or hated it. Some of us were on the fence but those on the fencers wouldn’t buy it again. Here’s what some of the ladies said:

“took the first swipe on the lashes..and it deposited it a big CLUMP and I mean clump..tried to spread it and that just made it worse. had to remove it ..It went right into the trash.”

“I don’t like it either, I pitched it after one eye…”

“Absolutely love it. Never had a mascara give such great length and thickening.”

“I absolutely love it.”

“My second tube was a little “iffy” but my third tube works like a charm.”

“They may simply have poor quality control. I hated it. The scent, the formula, it transferred under my eyes, which never happens to me.”

And the list goes on. Now what’s my opinion? The first time I used it I hated it. It was clumpy and wet and I had to wipe a big glob off the end. After applying it my fake curl disappeared almost immediately. Thank goodness for Tweezerman’s folding eyelash comb since I did salvage it that day. I waited a few days to let it age and had the same problem. Finally three weeks later I tried it again and it’s “meh”. It’s still thick but it is a volumizing mascara after all, it still weighs down my wimpy lashes. Plus now it’s starting to smudge.  At least it doesn’t flake though.

For about $3 I personally think it’s worth a chance to see if it could become your holy grail like it has several of the chatroom ladies. I won’t rebuy it but with all mascaras “your mileage may vary”.

  • Such a great honest review. LOL. I stumbled this and posted it on the beauty board that enticed me to buy it in the first place.

  • jesspynk

    Sorry to hear this didn’t work for you. This really is the best mascara I have ever used. It gives me lots of length and volume with only 2 coats with little effort. I find that it does work better for me after it has aged a bit.

  • Lisa

    This is my new favorite and I’ve tested it against Chanel Inimitable and others. I think I like it because it’s a drier formula and it just works and it’s very black! Go Jordana!

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