Frugal Friday- Garnier Skin Renew
Anti-Puff Eye Roller

This eye roller from Garnier is supposed to “deflate puffy bags, diminish dark circles and make the eyes look brighter.” It contains caffine to reduce puffiness and ProVitamin B5 to refresh and hydrate the under eye area. We all know that  as we sleep circulation slows down and that is one of the causes of under eye bags.  I don’t really have dark circles but I do have some puffiness–oh who am I kidding? I have a whole set of luggage under there! Regardless, that was why I was interested in this product. I’ll let you in on a secret my beauties–do not buy this product. It is a complete waste of money! I could have seen better results by placing a cold washcloth over my eyes…truly! The gel does nothing, the roller does nothing–which I thought I would get some results from, but nada, bupkus, zip, zero.  I wouldn’t recommend this to my worst frienemy—well maybe her!

I purchased this for about $13 at my local WalMart.

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  • cindy

    I tried the roller on my eyes and the next morning it looked like I had a black eye. I did not roll it on hard but it still sucks. I would not advise anyone to buy this product. It was a total waste of money

  • C

    I used the eye roller for a week and developed two BLACK EYES!!, which have not gone away and doesn’t look like they are going to.(Upset would be an understatement)