Frugal Friday – e.l.f. Disney Villians 2013 Collection

2013-10-20 05.23.12 (458x480)

First, let me say that I am NOT a big Disney fan. I like Disney movies, but I do not own any clothing with Mickey or Tigger or Cinderella on it—I am an adult. I used to work with a woman who was obsessed with all things Disney. She was in her late 30’s (about 38) and she and her husband went to Disney World twice a year for their vacation. Every year. For the FOUR YEARS I worked with her—that’s 8 times in the time we worked together. They never went to a beach destination or someplace with a little bit of culture, just Disney World. They had NO children.

On casual Fridays she wore jeans and some kind of Disney top; a Winnie the Pooh sweatshirt, a Tinkerbell polo top—you get the idea. About now you’re probably wondering why I am telling you this story. The answer is because for me to look twice at any type of Disney merchandise that I am not purchasing for a child, well let’s say it has to be special.

The e.l.f. Disney is special. For one, these are Disney Villians, Cruella de Vil, The Evil Queen, Maleficent and Ursula—these ladies are grown- up, powerful and they kick ass!

The collection includes (let me know if I’ve anything out):

  • 4 Disney Villains 2013 Look Books ($9.99)
  • $T2eC16N,!zEFIe2OFNVeBSUc,lh9cw~~60_35
  • 4 Disney Villains 2013 False Eyelash sets ($9.99)
  • Fall_ELF Disney 036 (480x244)
  • 4 Disney Villains 2013 Makeup Bags ($7.99-9.99)
  • Fall_ELF Disney 031 (480x312)
  • 4 Disney Villains 2013 Nail Art Kits ($9.99)
  • Fall_ELF Disney 033 (480x328)
  • 4 Disney Villains 2013 Scünci Sets ($7.99)
  • Fall_ELF Disney 036 (480x244)
  • 12 pc. Nail Polish Set ($9.99)
  • Fall_ELF Disney 035 (480x352)

When I spotted the display at Walgreen’s, the first thing I noticed were the makeup bags—they are works of art! They look like a combination of watercolors and tie-dye. Just take a look at these designs:

Fall_ELF Disney 037 (480x375)

Fall_ELF Disney 044 (480x330)

Each Look Book has it own eyeshadow and lip colors and contains:

  • 1 eye shadow palette with 6 shades
  • 1 black mascara
  • 1 black pencil eyeliner
  • 1 black liquid eyeliner
  • 1 eyeshadow primer
  • 1 eyeshadow brush
  • 1 lip color

I purchased the Maleficent look book just because I don’t wear these colors often and I wanted something different.

2013-10-20 05.23.12 (458x480)

2013-10-20 05.23.47 (388x480)

The shades in the eyeshadow palette are:

  • Flora, a champagne beige satin
  • Fauna, a pewter gray satin
  • Spell, a blackened green shimmer (gorge)
  • Deep Sleep, a silver satin
  • Thorns, a deep rich brown
  • Raven Black a midtone black satin

2013-10-20 05.25.07 (480x360)

The eyeshadows look shimmery in the pan but translate more as a satin finish on the eyes. All the shadows have a nice smooth texture and with the included primer, last all day. I’m really loving this eyeshadow brush too. It’s a great affordable basic brush you need in your collection.

2013-10-20 05.26.27 (480x360)


2013-10-20 05.27.46 (480x360)


2013-10-20 05.30.11 (480x452)

Overall this is a great little kit. The eyeshadow palette alone is worth $9.99 and I’m happy with 5 of the 7 products. A great buy!

Bottom Line: The e.l.f. Disney Villians 2013 Collection is a real winner! The packaging is awesome, the prices fab! I’m going to go back for some makeup bags and a few more look books for gifts.


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  1. I think there’s magic in disney for everyone although 38 MAY be pushing it. I’m 20 now and upon coming to college realized that going to Disneyland was a weekend tradition amongst many college students! I have an annual pass and go about twice a month. Love the elf collection!

  2. Hi, Miranda! Great post.

    In my experience Disney-branded cosmetics are sold in colorful bins, about eye-level to a six year old, next to the Tinkerbell costumes and keychains. In other words: kid crap.

    If I’d not read this review, and if I were without a 6 year old in tow, I wouldn’t give this collection a second glance.

    All I can say is, WOW.