Frugal Friday – Dove Winter Care Body Wash

hbz-dove-022212As I type this it is a chilly 18 degrees outside and snowing like Grandma Rosie is stuffing a feather pillow. My poor dry skin has really suffered this season and it has been challenging to keep it moisturized. You see my skin, especially my legs are dry and ashy but that’s not even the worst of it–my delicate skin is very tempermental.

I’m always cold so I asked and received a fantastic Christmas gift that I thought would keep me warm and cozy and it does when used properly. It’s a heated throw–a super soft throw blanket with 3 temperature settings, just like an electric blanket for your bed.  So the first time I used it I turned it up to high and blogged with my laptop on my lap all day–uh, not such a good idea. My skin is very sensitive to heat and my legs broke out in tiny red, itchy bumps–a heat rash. I remember about 10 years ago when I sometimes used tanning beds (don’t scold I KNOW better now) and I would get the same rash but I always thought it was the cleaning solution they used. One day my ex-husband and I went for a walk on a warm summer day and stopped at a little beach-type bar for a drink. It wasn’t a super hot day per se and I hadn’t realized that my legs were in the sun while the rest of me was covered by an umbrella. That night the same thing happened to my legs–small red itchy bumps. The doctor says my skin absorbs and HOLDS heat more than normal–lucky me!

Anywho, the only way I finally got rid of the heat rash was to use Dove Winter Care Body Wash and use a ultra moisturizing body cream every day for a week straight. I still wasn’t completely healed but the redness was gone and it wasn’t itchy any more. Dove Winter Care Body Wash is actually part of a limited edition seasonal offering from the Dove brand. It’s formulated with Glycinate, an ultra-mild ingredient normally found in high-end facial care products. This ingredient combined with the brands NutriumMoisture® technology, replenishes essential nutrients and nourishes skin deep down.

Most body washes are thin and have the consistency of  dishwashing detergent. Dove Winter Care is the thickest, creamiest body wash I’ve ever used.  The lather is incredible and it really IS moisturizing. There is a soft pleasant scent and there is TONS of the  most creamy lather! Dove has really impressed me this year, the Intensive Repair Care Conditioner is a winner too!

A huge 24. oz. bottle is only $6.99 and is available only from October to March.

Bottom Line: Pamper yourself  and your skin this winter with Dove Winter Care Body Wash!

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  1. VictoriaN says:

    I would love to win this! My skin gets so very dry in the winter and this sounds like the perfect solution.

  2. Cindy – I get a heat rash all the time too. It’s like prickly heat almost, because it comes from things other than the sun. We ‘re still babies!

  3. I’d love to try this!

  4. Sounds like good stuff! Does it make the tub feel slippery?

  5. Heather USA (FB: rosie areola Twitter @aitch77) says:

    I love Dove deoderants and recently I’ve been in love with the Dove Dry Shampoo!

    thanks PBB!

  6. I love dove products – i use the body wash on my dry skin

  7. I haven’t tried dove lately!

  8. I love their deodorant!

  9. Dove deodorants are great. I also love their dry shampoo.

  10. I love the Dove creamy body washes!! I also swear by their oil care shampoo and conditioner, and the leave in spray.

  11. Amy Orvin says:

    Yes, I use Dove all the time. I like the Dove White Beauty Bar and body washes like Dove Deep Moisture.

  12. diane redcay says:

    No I havent tried body wash but I do use shampoo

  13. I havent tried Dove in awhile but I always love the holiday scents.

  14. i love Dove!


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