Frugal Friday – Dove Color Care Hair Care + A Giveaway!


Dove has really caught my attention these past few months. I think this is the third time the brand has made my Frugal Friday list. This time it’s for a new hair care line, the Dove Color Care Collection. This collection keeps colored hair vibrant for up to eight weeks or 40 washes!

The collection made it debut last month at the Sundance Film Festival. Some of the celebrities that stopped by the Dove Color Care Salon included Jane Lynch, Octavia Spencer, Jennifer Coolidge, Troian Bellisario, Mario Lopez and wife Courtney, AnnaLynne McCord and Karina Smirnoff.



Celebrities aside, this shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner leaves my hair so soft it’s truly amazing!

Dove Color Care Shampoo – contains a lower sulfate formulation with Vibrant Color Lock technology and gently cleanses and conditions hair so your color stays vibrant for up to 8 weeks (40 washes). Gentle with tons of lather and a terrific scent, this shampoo is also very moisturizing.

Dove Color Care Conditioner – get double the benefits with New Color Care Daily Treatment Conditioner, the first dual stripe treatment conditioner from Dove® for colored hair. The White nourishment stripe contains conditioners that seal your cuticles to lock in nutrients, while the Pink treatment stripe, with Vibrant Color Lock technology, keeps hair color vibrant up to 8 weeks (40 washes). The tiniest bit is all you need for frizz free hair with shine.

Dove Color Care Leave On Conditioner – is a lightweight conditioning cream, with Vibrant Color Lock technology and UV Complex. It helps protect your hair color all day, keeping it vibrant and luminous. My hair literally feels like silk when I use this. My only problem is that since my hair is so fine and this makes it so soft, it won’t hold a curl. No worries, I’m sure this won’t happen to you–I have difficult hair.

Bottom Line: keeps color bright, hair soft and silky and smells heavenly!

Would you like to try Dove Color Care trio? Of course you would! Just leave me a comment telling me your favorite Dove product! Wait for the Rafflecopter to load.

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  1. The only Dove product I have ever used is their bar soap. Would love to try these. 🙂

  2. Actually, Cindy, my very favorite Dove product has nothing to do with haircare; it’s the original plain ole Dove soap! Thank you for the new giveaway.

  3. Shandi Naugle says:

    I can’t actually remember the last time I used a Dove product! I do like their body washes, though:)

  4. Their last product I tried that I lived was their Cream Oil Body Lotion w/ Cocoa Butter. Goes on very smooth and not greasy. It’s hard to find though : (

  5. dove bar

  6. I use the soap all the time.

  7. I use Dove Damage Therapy Daily Moisture Conditioner everyday. It really works and smells awesome!

    • I really, really love the way the Dove Color Care smells too! I keep sniffing myself and trying to remember what perfume I’m wearing and them remember it’s the shampoo!

  8. I love the Soothing Chamomile deodorant

  9. Sharon Siqueiros says:

    I like their body washes, doesn’t matter which scent, I look for what’s on sale cause they’re all nice and very softening

  10. colleen boudreau says:

    I love their deodorant.

  11. Their bar soap is the only soap that doesn’t irritate my skin

  12. I really love the new Dove Deep Moisture body wash. The original cleansing bar is a must have for me as well.

  13. Love the Dove Deep Moisture body wash. The original cleansing bar is a must have for me as well.

  14. I love their creamy body washes.

  15. i have used Dove bar soap for years. It’s great for the skin.

  16. Yes, I love the White Beauty Bar

  17. Sharon Rooney says:

    The only product that I have only used recently is their bar soap

  18. I’ve been using the Dove Wintercare limited edition bodywash since I read your blog about it. It has relieved my issue with burning itching skin caused by winter dryness in addition to body creams. My skin is very happy now:)

  19. I have used the Nourishing line. Smells so good!

  20. Heather USA (FB: rosie areola Twitter @aitch77) says:

    I love, love love Dove’s Refresh and Care Dry Shampoo.

  21. I use their deodorant!

  22. I love the pomegranate and lemon verbena body wash 🙂

  23. I actually am using dove damage therapy shampoo and conditioner for the first time. I decided to try it out because my best friend told me it rocked so…:)

  24. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    Dove Body Wash Is One Of My Favorite Dove Products, Leaves My Skin Moisturized And Soft !

  25. I use their deodorant, love it!

  26. Jen (@JK8675309) says:

    My Favorite is the Dove Damage Therapy Conditioner helps with my split ends.


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