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Purchased by me

Covergirl’s newest mascara is part of the Flamed Out collection in store now. I’m a big fan of Covergirl’s LashBlast line and a devout lover of Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara (review here) so I was excited to try this latest addition to the brand.

Being a mascara aficionado, I feel compelled to try every new mascara on the market. I am not able to accomplish this task all the time, but I try. However, I have strict criteria I feel an outstanding mascara must meet:

  • must lengthen
  • must not clump
  • must add volume/thickness
  • must have a conditioning formula (i.e.; no dry lashes)
  • must have a fairly “wet’ formula
  • must not flake or smudge

Okay, so that may be a tall order but make no mistake that there are mascaras that pass my must have list, Covergirl Clump Crusher being one of them. Flamed Out promises volume, the ability to grab every lash and to be clump and smudge free.

The wand is specially designed with two “zones.”  The Igniter Zone, at the end of the brush has high density soft, hollow fibers that soak up the mascara to release it to lashes. The Volume Zone has shorter bristles in the center of the brush to reach each and every lash. The brush has somewhat of an “S” shape.

2013-06-20 00.52.51 (480x360)

So how does Flamed Out mascara measure up? I definitely don’t like it as much as Clump Crush Crusher for volume. I didn’t see an increase in volume which I was really hoping for. It does provide good length, my lashes are fairly long naturally so I don’t think Flamed Out gives more length than most mascaras. There was no flaking or smudging and my lashes didn’t feel dry or crunchy. The tube has a wide opening and it doesn’t do a very good job of removing excess mascara from the wand so you may need to wipe it off with a tissue.

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Flamed Out does not tick all my boxes for a mascara, however, it does meet a lot of must haves. If you prefer natural fluffy lashes, this would be a good choice. Price: $5.99-7.49.


Purchased by me


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  • Kristina

    Thank you so much for this review! I am like you, and want to try every new mascara that comes out, and i’m usually disappointed in them and end up going back to my Covergirl Lash Blast. My list of a good mascara is exactly yours lol. I wad thinking of trying this new mascara, but after your review i kbkw i wont like it for the same reasons. I want lenght AND volume. I have long eye lashes naturally, but i want them to look full as well. And i can’t stand it when excess mascara isn’t removed bybthe tube because it is just a mess when i try to apply it. So i wooby be trying the new Flamed Out mascara. But, i may give the Clump Crusher a try. Was thinking of trying it, but i’m not a fan of the curved brushes. But i just may have to try it since you gave it a good review.

  • MarciaF (beauty info zone)

    I almost bought this but I’m so in love with my Eddie Funkhouser that I decided to wait.

  • Joy

    That looks like pretty good stuff. I’d probably dig it. But considering I have like 8 tubes open and in rotation right now, I’ll hold off. There are SO MANY fantastic drugstore mascaras… I don’t even know why people spend more than $10 on a tube these days.


    I love mascara. I think it does wonders for our eyes. I agree with your criteria list. I want clump free, longer voluminous lashes. I’m glad you did this review for us. I am defiantly going to try this one out. It seems to be a great match for me. Thanks again .

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