Frugal Friday – Avon Extra Lasting Collection

We modern women have to be multitasjers these days–juggling work, family and household duties, so we need makeup that can keep up with us. Avon introduces a new collection of long wearing, multitasking makeup that goes the distance! “Every product in the Extra Lasting collection is formulated with the Comfort Wear Complex to help maintain the quality of wear. The multi-tasking formulas go above and beyuond lasting color and coverage to offer additional benefits–Extra Lasting means makeup tht doesn’t compromise.”

The Collection includes:

  • Extra Lasting Lipstick ($9) –is a medium to full coverage satin finish, which is supposed to last for 8 hours.
  • Extra Lasting Lipgloss ($9) – light, sheer non-sticky coverage that is supposed to last for 8 hours. I tried this in perpetual pink which was much more peach on my lips. I did find it to be sticky and it definitely did NOT last for 8 hours. That alone is a ridiculous claim for a gloss. It was shiny but I wouldn’t call it super glossy. It has a strong fragrance that at first sniff smells like candy but then quickly turns into something more plastic–me no likey. 
  • Extra Lasting Mascara ($9) – wow, this mascara claims to offer up to 7 times the volume, last for 18 hours AND be fade, transfer, smudge and waterproof!
  • Extra Lasting Eyeshadow ($9) – Claims to last 9 hours with a protective shield to help reinforce color against elements to break it down. I tried this in the color Pink Sands. It goes on wet and dries to a powder and did not crease on me at all even without a primer! The packaging is similiar to Bare Minerals High Shine Eyecolor–a small tube with a sponge tip applicator. I’m not thrilled with the way this packaging works–too much eyeshadow comes out making a mess on my counter. You have to be very careful and kind of wipe the excess off on the sides. While the eyeshadow did last all day, I didn’t find it that pigmented. I would like to try other shades though as Pink Sands was pretty much my skin color.
  • Extra Lasting Eyeliner ($9) – has asuper fine, firm yet flexible tip for good control. Fadeproof, transferproof and smudgeproof.
  • Extra Lasting Liquid Foundation ($12) – for me this is the star of the collection! I would say this foundation is medium coverage. I mixed it with a liquid bronzer so that thinned it down and made the coverage more sheer. It does NOT last for 18 hours like it claims to, but at the 8 hour mark it was still going strong, albeit with some shine breakthough on my nose but with most foundations I get breakthrough at 10 AM. This formula also has a protetive shield to help protect the pigment from water, sweat and humidity. Not sure quite what that means, but for a inexpensive foundation, it worked well and had a natural look to it.
  • Extra Lasting Cream to Powder Foundation ($11) – wears for 18 hours, lightweight, formulated with the same “protective shield.”
  • Extra Lasting Pressed Powder Foundation ($11) – a mattifying powder with a 15 SPF

Bottom Line: I was not impressed with the Extra Lasting Lipgloss at all. I hated the fragrance, the stickiness and it tends to gather in the corners of my lips–yuck. There are much nicer glosses at the drugstore or even Avon’s own Glazewear. I would definitely give the Extra Lasting Eyeshadow another try in a better shade–just be careful with the packaging. As for the Extra Lasting Liquid Foundation, it was very long lasting, not drying and applied smoothly.

  • I’m an Avon rep, but apparently not a good one if I don’t keep up to date with products 😉
    Thanks for your great review! I’d really love to try that foundation.
    If you haven’t already tried their Smooth Minerals lip gloss, I’d give that a go. No weird fragrance and they’re not sticky 🙂

  • The foundation sounds like a must-try!

  • I like Avon eyeliner pencils but I don’t really have anything else from them in my collection. I never found the e/s pigmented enough for me.