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To be beautiful and natural is the birthright of every woman” ~~Elizabeth Arden

In my desperate search for a flawless complexion, I’ve been testing quite a few foundations. I thought I would review them in the hope that I can help make your next shopping trip for foundation amore informed one. This is the first of a series I call Foundation Naation. Who knows maybe you’ll find your Holy Grail of foundation somewhere in my ramblings!

The only reason I hadn’t tried Elizabeth Arden tried before is that I have limited access to the line, but that will be changing as my local Macy’s will be carrying it soon. My PR rep at Elizabeth Arden was kind enough to send me three different formulations to try and I can honestly say I like them all!  That alone speaks volumes because I have very unreasonable high expectations for foundations. I need medium to full coverage, a good color match, a light texture, it should last all day, must NOT settle into fine (or not so fine) lines, contain at least a 15 SPF and minimize pores. Whew! That’s a quite a list!

You beauties KNOW I love shopping for makeup, but shopping for foundation is a little like trying to find the perfect fitting jeans–elusive at best, giving up alltogether and becoming agoraphobic at worst. Imagine my surprise and delight when I liked all three of these foundations! Eureka! I have found the goldmine /pot of gold/unicorn of foundations!

Flawless Finish Mousse Makeup ($33)-Let’s start with the one I liked least–and I can’t really say that because this will make a great foundation in the summer months when I don’t want as much coverage. In fact, for those of you that commonly use a tinted moisturizer, this may be just the ticket for you. Light and airy, this foundation feels like you have nothing on your skin. It has just a tint of color which makes is perfect for summer when you don’t want something heavy on your skin. Available in 11 shades, I used #22 Vanilla but I could just as easily use #26 Buff in the summer when I’m tan (faux of course). My only suggestion would be to include SPF–I don’t think this foundation has it–please correct me if I’m wrong.

I didn't blend all the way so you could see it


Flawless Finish Bare Perfection SPF 8 ($33) – also lightweight but very buildable, with a SPF of 8, Bare Perfection is oil-free and provides sheer to medium coverage with a natural finish. My shade was #40 Beige and it was a good match. I felt this foundation looked a little dry, perhaps because it’s oil free. I admit I over-used it the first time applying two layers so that could be why and it was totally operator error. I do advise using a primer with this foundation and I got the best results using a foundation brush to blend. The SPF is low, but all women over 40 should be using a separate sunscreen and not relying on foundation alone. Available in 13 shades.

Intervene Makeup SPF 15 ($36) – I suppose it makes sense that this is my favorite of them all as this foundation is supposed to “hit the pause button on aging.”  Formulated with Biodormin™ technology, this foundation behaves beautifully. It provides medium to full coverage, lasts all day, doesn’t trasnfer, doesn’t oxidize, evens out skin tone and has a soft, natural matte but not flat finish. The shade #06 Soft Cameo matches my skin flawlessly. Ingredients also include antioxidant Vitamins C and E –maybe that’s the difference with this foundation. I kept looking in the mirror all day the week I tried it to see if it was wearing off (it wasn’t) but more importantly what I noticed was a flawless, unblemished skin tone and gasp! Did I actually see firmer skin? I think I did! In all fairness, I am also testing out a new skincare regimen that I will tell you about later so I can’t say at this point if my firmer looking skin was from the skin care or Intervene foundation. Hey, I’m just glad it’s there!!!!! Available in 12 shades.

Bottom Line: It’s hard NOT to like Elizabeth Arden foundations.  These are not dewy foundations–those type always slide off my face or make me look greasy. I prefer a natural finish and if I want a bit of extra glow, I mix my BECCA Opal Shimmering Skin Perfector right into my foundation–which by the way works beautifully with both the Bare Perfection and Intervene foundations. They are long wearing and come in a sanitary pump bottle. I do recommend you use a primer with the exception of the Mousse Makeup. The next time you find yourself on a quest for the perfect foundation, stop by the Elizabeth Arden counter and give one of these a try!

P.S.–EA has even more foundations to choose from–Pure Mineral Foundation, Cream Foundations and Tinted Moisturizers.

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  1. You’ve summed up perfectly how I feel about shopping for foundation! I’ll definitely have to check out Elizabeth Arden. Thanks

  2. Wow…I never thought to try Elizabeth Arden. There’s a counter at my Macy’s and the SA is a great lady (they all know me in that department…they know an easy mark when they see one, lol).

    I definitely want to give all three a test drive!

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