Fashion Flash Thanksgiving!

This week the lovely Sheila of Painted Ladies is hosting Fashion Flash. Grab a mug of hot apple cider and read this weeks beauty, fitness, fashion and lifestyle post from our over 40 experts!

Fashion Flash

This week Second Lives Club is hosting Fashion Flash. Skin care, aging well, holiday eating and styling and maybe a celebrity nose job?  Head over to Second Lives Club to read this week’s Fashion Flash!

Fashion Flash Winter

This week Glamour Granny Travels is hosting Fashion Flash. Fashion Flash is the best online weekly mini-mag for women 40+! Start reading and if you like what you read (and you will!), don’t keep it to yourself! SHARE WITH ALL YOUR GIRLFRIENDS!

Fashion Flash is Here!

This week No Nonsense Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash. There’s something to learn from all of our bloggers whether it’s beauty or lifestyle. Enjoy our emag and stay safe yourself.

Fashion Flash End of Summer Edition

This week Allison from Never Say Die Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash. Summer is fading and our Fashion Flash bloggers are welcoming Fall. Read how to build a fashionable wardrobe on $200 a month, travel to Fiji and learn about some new beauty products in this edition of the most popular Emag for over 40 […]

Fashion Flash Labor Day Edition!

This week my good friend Deb, from No Nonsense Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash. We are all looking forward to Fall and the change in season. Grab that last frosty glass of ice tea or a nice Chardonnay and read what our expert influencers have for you this week! Our summer entertaining giveaway with Evine Home […]

Fashion Flash Pre-Fall

This week Society Wellness is hosting Fashion Flash. Our bloggers are all women over 40 and experts in their field. Get to know these ladies a little more closely by heading to our host and clicking on the articles that speak to you. Don’t forget to say hello by commenting on their posts, or sharing […]

Fashion Flash Fall Is Coming!

This week my friend Erika from Notes From My Dressing Table is hosting Fashion Flash. Fashion Flash is the weekly e-newsletter for savvy 40+ beauties.