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We’re all familiar with this picture of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s draped in loads of pearls. For decades stylish women have been wearing pearls. To me, pearls signify class, femininity and elegance. Personally, I like them better than diamonds; it’s easy to overdo diamonds but NEVER pearls. You can practically bathe in pearls and not have enough (that may only be me) 🙂 The modern fashionable woman is still wearing pearls: from rocker chick Rhianna to Fashion Icon Sarah Jessica Parker to the First Lady Michelle Obama, you can see how versatile pearls can be!

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Not only are pearls lovey to wear and look at, but they are the only gemstone which is grown inside of a living organism. Pearls are formed within oysters or mollusks when a foreign substance (most often a parasite – NOT a grain of sand) invades the shell of the mollusk, entering the soft mantle tissue, and picking up epithelial cells. In response to the irritation, the epithelial cells form into a sac (known as a pearl sac) which secretes a crystalline substance called nacre (pronounced nay-ker). Nacre is the same substance that makes up the interior of the oyster’s shell, and builds up in layers around the irritant, forming the pearl. This gives pearls a certain mysterious quality don’t you think?

My love of pearls started at a young age. My mother was a very fashionable and classy lady and I liked to play in her jewelry and hat boxes (yes, she wore hats in the 50’s & 60’s)! I still have my mother’s original pearls though they need to be restrung and buffed a bit. My first serious jewelry purchase was a pearl ring I dearly loved. It had a single pearl surrounded by a small diamond on each side encased in a swirl of gold. I wore for about 10 years until the pearl finally fell out and I never found it. I still mourn my loss.

June’s birthstone is the pearl which got me thinking about adding to my small collection of pearls; I have a lovely single strand necklace and a pair of earrings. I know I can find a wide selection of high quality, real pearls at Shane Co., the largest family-owned jewelry store in the United States! With 14 physical locations and a huge online selection, they are a wonderful buying resource for a little sparkle! Shane Co., offers excellent craftsmanship, value and a commitment to service. You can even design your own jewelry! They are also a fabulous resource of gift ideas; for mothers, daughters, wives and men too!

I would love to replace my long lost pearl ring with one of these!

I love the vintage, old world feel and the intricate detailing in this ring:

Shane Co. Vintage 7.5mm Cultured Akoya Pearl and Diamond Ring

Or this sleek modern style in silver!

Shane Co. 6.5mm Cultured Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Ring

And if you’re looking for a little inspiration on how to incorporate pearls into your everyday style, here is a BeautySet I did on DailyLook!

Romantic Pearls


Shane Co.

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  • Two of my most treasured pieces of jewelry are my grey pearl ring and earrings that I inherited. I had the pearl ring reset because the band was so worn. Wearing pearls can take me to another place in time.

    • I totally agree! Nothing makes me feel more classy and feminine!

  • I love wearing pearl earrings!

    • Me too, I feel so classy!

  • I don’t wear pearls because I always seem to style them awkwardly

    • Just keep layering!

  • cute post. I like wearing pearls on special occasions.