Fashion Flash Week of 12/31/12

I’m so happy to be hosting Fashion Flash this week. Before you start your New Year’s celebrations, have a look at the fabulous posts our group of over 40 bloggers have in store for you and have a safe and wonderful New Year!!

Have you ever wondered how female body builders age? How menopause affects them? How do they keep fit after 40 or 50 and beyond? Staness from interviews Ms. Olympia Cory Everson to find out what she does to stay sexy and fit after 50.

staness.jpg (2)

There are plenty of role models to choose from in the plus size world—Vote now for your favorite plus size woman of the year!


Are you planning any New Year’s Resolutions? Set yourself up for success! Read what female fat loss over 40 expert, Shawna K has to say first.


Mirabai at Moving Free With Mirabai tests your fitness and wellness I.Q with this informative question and answer quiz. Learn what you can do to increase your longevity and be Fabulous Forever!


Is “Get in shape” one of your New Year’s resolutions? Jackie Silver from reveals how exercise could help you defy aging!


Ever wonder how much skincare product you really should be using? Fab Over 40 shows us how much we really need to use.


Fab Over Forty


Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog  explores  new ways to  manage winter-dry skin.



Fab Over Fifty‘s founder Geri Brin is trying reformulated Vaseline Intensive Rescue Repairing Moisture body lotion. Will it relieve her dry skin?



The Glam Gals are taking a retrospective look at Fabulous After 40’s best over 40 style tips of the year.


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