Fall Nail Trend – 6 Oxblood Nail Polishes

The Fall, Oxblood is the THE color for lips and nails. I have no idea what oxen blood looks like (thank goodness), but I’m going to go out on a limb and assume it’s a deep red. I really enjoy wearing deep reds and burgundys in fall and winter so I’ve chosen these six nail colors to keep me on trend.

Bet you thought Söfft only made comfortable stylish shoes!  This Söfft polish in Soft Merlot was gifted to me for being a Style  Hunter for People StyleWatch magazine. This is two coats.

Essie Recessionista has a lot pf purple in it.  This is also two coats.

Duri Cosmetics is nailing the trend, providing tips and toes the full effect with Pinot Noir (burgundy) and  Cabernet Sauvignon (dark burgundy) for a drama-inducing touch.  The oxblood trend is accentuated when mixed with similar tones for an ultra-modern look.  Pair a monochromatic outfit with one of Duri’s deep reds like Bloody Mary (true red) or Sangria (red with shimmer).   All for only $5!

Pinot Noir

Duri Cambernet Sauvignon

Duri Bloody Mary

Duri Sangria

Duri Sangria


L to R: Sangria, Bloody Mary, Cambernet Sauvigon & Pinot Noir


L to R: Sangria, Bloody Mary, Cambernet Sauvignon, & Pinor Noir


What are your favorite red shades? Are you embracing the Oxblood trend?