Estee Lauder Mad Men Collection: I’ve Missed You Don Draper!

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Estee Lauder’s Limited Edition Mad Men Collection is back just in time for the premier of the new season on AMC on April 7th and I love me some Don Draper!  I was but a wee lass in the 60’s but my sister was just entering college and I remember the frosty lipstick and the bouffant hair.  I was excited about this collection as it reminds me of my sister in those days and I idolized her. She was beautiful and stylish and could definitely give Betty Draper a run for her money!


The collection consists of:

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I was so excited for this collection and it hasn’t disappointed. I purchased the see through blush and the color rich lipstick.

Light Show blush is what I wanted Burberry Coral Pink to be. It’s a true bright pink and has a good amount of pigment to it. While I wouldn’t call it matte, it’s not sparkly either. There is just a tinch (cross between tiny bit & a pinch) of shimmer that makes it cheerful and flirty. The texture is finely milled and the application is smooth. I love this fresh, natural color!

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Obviously, the packaging is to die for. The blush comes in a beautiful box with a  lovely gold pouch and is housed in a striking compact. One thing I would change it the flimsy powder puff, I’d just leave it out altogether. The 60’s print was discovered in the Estee Lauder archives. I’m sure Don Draper would be impressed if you pulled this out at dinner! I know the $50 price will be shocking to some, but do consider this a collector’s piece of substantial weight and craftsmanship. 

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Pinkadelic is a sheer neutral pink with a slightly frosted finish. It’s very flattering and will suit most skin tones–it will look paler (maybe even nude) on dark skin and more pigmented on lighter skin. Thinking back on my sister 60’s frosty lipstick, I think Estee Lauder did a fabulous job modernizing  this lipstick but keeping a nod to the era it originated it. It applies smoothly with just the right amount of shine and can be built up easily. It has the traditional EL fragrance, although not nearly as pronounced as most.

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Packaging on Pinkadelic is a gold fluted tube. Worth noting is that at 0.13 oz, Pinkadelic is almost twice the size of Cherry in last year’s Mad Men collection.

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I skipped the Mad Men nail lacquer simply because it didn’t look that original to me. Vampy Varnish has some great pics of Pink Paisley.

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Overall: I love this collection and I’m very glad I purchased these pieces. I’m thrilled with the blush Light Show, it will be perfect for spring and summer. Pinkadelic lipstick is going to be an everyday staple for me year round. Both of these are universally flattering. The pieces are pricey compared to Estee Lauder’s regular line, but I feel I am getting a bonus piece of art so it’s worth it!

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