Erborian CC Créme My New Holy Grail!

Korea is miles ahead of the US for innovative beauty products: they gave us BB cream and sheet masks for starters. The Korean secret to a visibly perfect complexion is in high-tech, multi-use formulas that help to improve the appearance of your skin making it look luminous and soft, and reducing the appearance of blemishes. Erborian CC Créme High Definition Radiance Face Cream ($44) accomplishes this beautifully. I’m kinda obsessed.

This multi-purpose ‘high definition’ formula has a color correcting primer built in and encapsulated pigments to enhance and match any skin tone for a flawless look. The cream comes out of the tube white and upon application, adapts to your unique skin tone, creating an even and radiant complexion with NO white residue. It’s available in two shades: Clair (fair) and regular. I am using Clair for my fair skin. It really is magical how the white cream changes to match your skin as you rub it in. I’ve tried foundations with this adaptive quality before, but they tend to oxidize on me and turn orange later in the day, that does NOT happen with this. It does have sheer coverage and I feel at my age I need more than sheer but I found it very easy to build up on my problem areas: brown spots and a little redness on my chin. I could even apply two layers without it looking thick or cakey but that kind of defeats the purpose of a lightweight CC cream. I love that freckles show through but I feel I have enough coverage to out of the house. It also contains an SPF of 25, making it even more perfect for summer, though I do wish they would up that to 30.

Erborian CC Créme is very moisturizing and doesn’t settle into my lines and wrinkles–it feels and acts like a lightweight moisturizer due to the centella asiatica in the formula. Centella asiatica is an ancient healing plant known for its superpowers when it comes to calming inflammation, stimulating new cell growth, building collagen and to protect, hydrate, and boost radiance. I squeeze a small amount onto my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and blend into my face with my fingers. If I have spots that I want more coverage I just dab more on in that area like I would a concealer.

For those of you with fragrance sensitivities, Erborian CC Créme has the same perfumey scent as the Glow Créme, though my tube of Glow is scented more heavily than the CC Créme. As for the blurring effect some people have mentioned, I didn’t really notice any, but then maybe I have too much to blur.

It has a lovely satin finish but I like to apply the Erborian Glow Créme (reviewed here) underneath to give me a more dewy look. It’s so feather-light I don’t feel like I’m wearing makeup at all!

Without Glow Créme

With Glow Créme

Bottom Line: I adore the Erborian Glow Créme and used in combination with the Erborian CC Créme, it makes me look like I turned on an Instagram filter! My skin is instantly even and I feel like I look younger and fresher. This is perfect for no-makeup looks and for summer when you don’t want to go bare faced but need something lightweight. Highly recommended!

Have you tried any Korean beauty products? Thoughts?