EnvyDerm Intense Lip Renewal Therapy Review

EnvyDerm Intense Renewal Lip Therapy

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When the nice people from EnvyDerm contacted me about their Intense Lip Renewal Therapy revitalizing cream I was thrilled! I’ve never had full voluminous Angelina Jolie lips and I SO wish I did! Instead I’m stuck with lips so thin they look like a scar when I smile! Unfortunately this is a common problem for over 40 women. EnvyDerm Intense Lip Renewal Therapy ($36) promises to give you back your full, youthful lips. Let’s see how I fared with the product.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. After all, I’ve tried approximately 3,782 different lip plumpers all to no avail except of course for the original DuWop Lip Venom that gave me a terrible reaction–sure I had big lips but trust me, they weren’t pretty.

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I’ve been using EnvyDerm Intense Lip Renewal Therapy every night at bedtime for about 2 weeks: it only took a few days for my lips to be nicely exfoliated. This little miracle in a tube has 7 of most effective peptides to reduce both deep and fine lines. The formula also uses a proprietary mixture of oils, berries, green tea and Moroccan Argan oil. My lips are definitely softer, smoother and the lines not as pronounced.

This has the feel of a gloss but it’s not sticky and much, much thinner–more like a serum. It is clear, has a pleasant smell and a slight taste I can’t place but it’s not bad. You only need to use such a small amount; I can see this tube lasting a long time. The applicator is the typical doe-foot.

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EnvyDerm says after 45 minutes of using the product:

  • 93% of women agree that lips feel and look smoother and softer (yep)
  • 80% of women agree that their lips felt moist and hydrated (it’s true)!
  • 80% of women felt that their lips were fuller (not yet)

After 28 days:

  • 80% of women felt fuller, plumper lips
  • 67% of women agree that their lips volume has increased
  • 67% of women agree that their lips felt plumper
  • 80% of women saw rosy pinky lips after 28 days of use
  • 73% of women saw youthful lips

I’m not one to get dry chapped lips, I use lip balm on a regular basis. I do, however have lots of lip lines that can make lipstick not look so great, especially frosty ones. I haven’t noticed a lot of plumping,  but my biggest problem are the fine lines on my upper lip and I’ll be gobsmacked, I’m starting to notice they are not as deep!! This is a BIG DEAL, beauties! Merely hydrating my upper lip has not lessened the lines; actually nothing has worked until EnvyDerm Intense Lip Renewal Therapy. I’ll have to wait a few more weeks to see if my lips are fuller, but I am totes satisfied with the reduction in my upper lip lines! 

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Bottom Line: if you want to get rid of your lip lines–both on your lips and above and below your lip line, you’ll want to try EnvyDerm Intense Lip Renewal Therapy. I’ll let you know how I fare on plumper lips after another few weeks! Recommended for over 40 gals!